A Reason to Believe?



It sounds cruel to some, to others it is a license to blaspheme, but the fact remains, without evidence, indisputable, religion is a farce, a con perpetrated on humans for millennia. Religion is nothing more than a way to subjugate a population, to have them believe that if they don’t follow the rules, laid down for them, that they will forever be tormented, in this life and in a supposed life after this one. There is no morality outside that which those in power tell us that comes from one god or another. We have no capacity for ourselves, it all comes from some supernatural being that is bent upon our total obedience.

I’m still looking for that evidence to show me that there is, in fact a god, any god, from any religion. Yes, atheists are out here looking for proof. I was recently asked that if there were indisputable proof of the existence of a god, would I then believe? I think I would. Until then, I will hold to what I think is my considerable judgement, based on current proof, that no, no god(s), of any religion, exist.

The question has always been in my mind, even as a believer, as to why, if a god existed, it wouldn’t just let us know and not give us nearly incomprehensible texts to read in order to believe? How difficult would it be for that same god, or gods, to just tell us absolutely without having to have faith or free will? Why allow an existence of pain and suffering for its own creation when in a blink of an eye, that same being could put an end to all strife on the planet it created,  institute harmony among all of his creation?

Well, of course any proof of any god would instantly end the economic fraud that is churches. We wouldn’t need to go to church to be instructed what we may or may not do as whatever god decided to make itself known, would actually tell us. An entire multi-billion dollar industry would actually collapse overnight.

We actually have in this world, grifters that are sanctioned by governments. You or I would be arrested for portraying ourselves as they make themselves out.  No one would believe in The Church of [Name Your Favorite  Comic Book Character Here].  Why aren’t the same skeptical about those that would preserve an unfounded belief in order to enrich themselves without having to pay a single penny in tax? How much do these same institutions of God actually give to preserve the poor, to feed the starving, to bring medical attention to those wasting away from disease?

My guess, and it’s really not much of a guess, is that the revenue received is mostly placed into their own coffers and very little of that goes to help those in need. Unfortunately, at least here in the United States, we may never know as these same aren’t required to file how their monies are spent. That should change, not just for churches, bur for every organization that is declared to be a 501(c)3.

It’s really taxpayers money, in the long run, when any organization isn’t required to inform the public how and where their monies were allocated. And so, because many of these same religious institutions won’t even tell their congregants where their money is spent, should these people be tithing to that company(yes, it’s no different in this case from any company)?

What do I receive for my investment?  That’s what people should be asking. But here we are, 2,000 years later, with the same marks, falling for the same scam. Over and over again. Of course, those that give the most are somehow, someway promised the better places in heaven. Okay, maybe that’s not true, but if anyone that’s been in a Christian church in their life understands that the largest donors receive the most attention.

So why do people still believe in some sort of god? Although there are many today, those describes in polls  as nones that would say they just don’t believe in the teaching anymore, there are still plenty of people that have decided it’s safer to believe, without knowing, than to actually use reason and reject the most obvious con game ever invented.




8 thoughts on “A Reason to Believe?

  1. Just to be clear, there is a difference between deity belief (faith in a god) and the invention of the religions that support those beliefs. While both may reside in or be the result of human imagination, religion is totally human made for human gain.

    The “pure” believer has no need in religion or even scripture. But that is just my opinion. Of course, what the pure believer believes may be detrimental to his or her own self, as well as, to society. Or it may merely be mental illness, as may all faith and belief in unsubstantiated supernatural entities.

    But that which promotes good in people is okay by me, whether it is their own minds or their religion that supports their deity belief.

    History has also shown us that religions can promote good in people and harmony in society, which might otherwise be a hodgepodge of self-induced beliefs about what is good and harmonious. Keeping a nation on a moral/ethical path is important to the future of that nation and each new generation of citizens.

    Churches supporting religious belief in a deity have traditionally provided that path for America. Perhaps it is many people who need that sort of guidance.


  2. The supernatural does not exist. Belief in a supernatural realm is the burden humanity has carried since our days in the caves. Believe what one likes, but humans must grow up to realize that we have been fooling ourselves all along. GROG


  3. And, I “believe” that our species eventually will, but not for a long, long time. Or maybe it is completely not in the realm of possibility that human beings will ever truly discard their faith in their gods and goddesses.

    Humans do, after all, require what they need and that need may be too much, just as humans require comforts of some sort for their happiness and the need to have faith in a deity may just be too much to live without.

    It isn’t “growing up” but growing beyond our instincts to need that comfort. Even atheists have such a need to “believe” in that which brings us comfort.

    What can’t I prove, but still believe? There is a whole book based on that premise (The Edge Question, I think it is) but I can’t remember the title of the book, nor where it is in my library.

    There are odd things that have happened to me or to a member of my immediate family or that we have experienced, that is, and at least one odd experience at the same time, the details of which were drawn reluctantly from each to the other. No proof, no probability, an atheist would say there is no possibility…yet there it is.

    Is there an occasionally intruding realm or universe, which causes such odd things to be experienced. And, if there is, could that be the basis for human deities? For faeries? For ghosts?

    I don’t know and cannot prove it, but I am inclined to believe it. Irrational, most certainly, but part of my life experience. God is not part of my life experience and I would submit myself for medical examination if God suddenly were. I would not become a fervent believer in God, but these things are not God. They are one-offs at wildly different times in my life or my family’s life and do not demand belief or obedience; they just happened.

    If I were a different sort of person and it was God, I would feel justified in my new-found belief and faith. I cannot expect those of different character to deny what they have experienced with whatever supernatural entity became a part of their lives, just because I reason that they should.


  4. Anything can happen if conditions permit. Life is a crap shoot, a matter of luck, good and bad. Growing up means dealing with situations as they present themselves, not as one wishes them to be. GROG


  5. Well, yes. which is why I am a realist. Weird stuff happens and many humans need to believe and have faith and much of those need to have the guiding foundation of religions.

    Yet, I reason that life is determined, except within certain parameters. So, not a matter of a crap shoot.


  6. I know I have discussed my reasoning on Free Will. Yes, I am a determinist of sorts. Not talking about “Fate” but the incredible interconnectivity of “Life, The Universe, and Everything.” I reason that we can use our free will within certain parameters, but it mostly only seems that way, which is good, because it helps keep us sane. Outside those parameters our lives and everything else follows deterministic patterns that are mostly undetectable by us while we are living our lives.

    We “choose” to live as if we have Free Will, if we want to live within society’s boundaries, that is, we “choose” to adhere to its rules of law for maintaining harmony. Or we don’t, of course, and then suffer the consequences of our “choices.”

    Free Will is the belief, free will is set within those parameters that allow our choices. That is just for clarification when I refer to them both.

    Yes, I am serious.


  7. How do we decide what to do? Things happen which you have no control over, but can cause you to act, make a decision. It’s a crap shoot. Some things you can ignore, somethings you can’t. It’s a crap shoot. What others do you cannot control. Looking at my own past, I made some really stupid decisions. If I had known more, been more aware, my life would have been much different. There is no free will. Decisions are made by what your brain comes up with as the best, based on assessment of conditions.


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