Blogging. Just Because I Can



Blogging, for me is an interesting hobby. I think for many of us that remain out here in the blogosphere, it’s become a way for us to express ourselves, simply, without all of the overhead that is required for other forms of media. Think about it, right now, I’m typing this on an old iPad, it requires nothing else than my WordPress subscription; I don’t require a video camera, or a microphone or even a special place to set down my thoughts. I can do this in my home office, in the living room, or as I am now, sitting outside on my patio, on a perfect morning, drinking coffee.

I have the opportunity, before I ever start writing in the morning, of perusing the Internet for interesting stories I may want to comment on, or like this, nothing at all in particular. Very little preparation time is required, usually.  Sometimes, I bookmark stories for a later date that I may want to reference. Again, easy enough to do and by doing that, always gives me something to write about.

There’s not much real journalism here, although, based on a lot of what I read and view daily, I might easily fall into that category. Most of what we see daily is nothing more than opinion, with a smattering of facts to bolster those same opinions – no different than me, an amateur. I try to be careful of links I provide here because there is so much out there today, it’s easy to become addicted to sites, and television channels that do nothing but validate a particular bias, something we all have to one extent or another.

The one thing that keeps we few going, I think, is that there are people willing to stop for a few minutes during their day, and read what we write. It’s different, and I ‘m sure I’ve mentioned this on numerous other occasions, that it takes less time to read an essay than to listen to most video creators. Do I ever visit YouTube? Yes, but it’s rare, simply because of the time required.

Recently, on Twitter, I commented to someone I follow posting selfies with several different people (at some conference)  famous(?) YouTubers, that I’d never heard of any of these people. The response was eye-opening: Do you ever watch Youtube? I guess I’m supposed to spend all of my spare time (or a considerable amount of it), watching videos by people that may or may not interest me. The same here. What I write may not be interesting to a lot of people and that’s okay. When I think about it, yes, it’s nice to have visitors here, the more the merrier, but ultimately, the numbers don’t drive this site. There are no advertisers, and I’m not looking to increase my numbers to generate income, as seems (at least to me) to be the goal of many videographers.

Of course I expect a little pushback on that, but my evidence comes from social media itelf, where I see various people promoting their work, and others asking for more to subscribe because, at least on YouTube, subscribers means that a site can be monetized. Some make quite a lot, monthly, on just what they produce there. I don’t have a problem with that in general: Hey! it’s capitalism at it’s finest! But it also forces those same people to keep producing content, no matter what, just to keep a subscriber base.

I honestly don’t need that level of pressure. If I want to write, I do. If I want to take a day or two away from here, I do. I make a living either way, no worries about how much or how often I write. I’m only beholding, ultimately, to myself.


3 thoughts on “Blogging. Just Because I Can

  1. Yes, but Jim…that marvelous moustache!

    I check in with Paul Joseph Watson from time to time and Pat Condell, but not so sure he is still video blogging. Is that what it is called?

    Let’s face it, one could spend all day and all week cruising around YouTube. And it is the place to go for wonderful directions on how to …put together anything, make anything, fix anything. What isn’t on there?

    Thanks for blogging.


    • 🤠 I agree that YouTube is helpful for repairs of various kinds. I listen, rarely, to some ‘casts there, but they’re often too long for me. I can make the same point in less than 1,000 words.


  2. Pat Condell is video blogging still. The Atheist Conservative has one of his latest, a plea to the citizens of the UK to vote out the…well, he has a few choice names for them, but I particularly like his reference to the House of Frauds. He hopes that if the UK can show the way, that other nations will follow and the EU will fold on itself.


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