What is Skepticism? A Friendly Debate



Nothing much to say today but to all my readers that something is in the cookpot. Yes, Gretchen and I are going to go “dueling blogs” on what defines as skeptic. I think it will be fun, as well as educational (maybe just for me!) but But Gretchen is a great person to debate with. We did this once before although it was just at a moments notice and I don’t believe the “debate” received the attention it should have.

We didn’t announce it in advance, as I’m doing now to prepare our readers for what may be coming. In this, I will begin and readers will see my post on May 9. Gretchen may take a day to respond and that’s how it will go, back and forth. Winner or loser? That’s up to you, but I think you’ll all see some of the best from both of us. We may all learn something and in my opinion, that’s the best outcome. Most debates propose an idea that the two respond to as to whether they agree or not. I know that both Gretchen and I hold skepticism in the same light, but, then again, by me being a conservative, does that change what I think about being skeptical. What about liberals or progressives? Do I or we look at being a skeptic as some in that movement do?  Should ideology even play a part?

Watch this space. I’m posting first, and then make sure you look at Gretchen’s site for the response. Don’t expect knives to come out, but there may be  a philosophical difference between us, Of course, I never discount the idea of knives, that’s why I always bring a gun.

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