Is It Time for DOJ to Put an End to Antifa?



It’s been busy here, so blogging has been a little light recently, I hope to get back to a regular schedule soon, but it’s difficult, traveling.  I’ve been looking at what is going around the Internet thought and the one story that seems to still be percolating out there is the brutal attack on Quillette editor, Andy Ngo, in Portland this past weekend. The video of the beating is disgusting in that, allegedly, the Portland Police stood by and allowed the attack to occur. If that’s true, then what does that say about police departments anywhere? They’ve become politicized and it’s not the individual officers to blame (well, maybe there’s some blame there), but it’s really their  administration which has told them to not interfere.

There’s been thousands of words written about this incident in the past couple of days, but I’ll go ahead and throw in my two cents: These people, Antifa, are domestic terrorists. Even the Department of Homeland Security have designated them so and it’s curious how they can still get away with their acts of violence upon individuals and property, with impunity.  What’s more distressing is the lack of sympathy, from other journalists, Mr. Ngo has received because, I can only guess here, he’s the wrong kind of journalist. What do I mean by that? He’s not agenda driven and of course, since he works for Quillette, is far-right, according to the same people.  Hardly.

I would think that it would’t matter to other journalists what the ideological bent is for another in their profession; The fact that he was targeted by this group in Portland (other journalists were there that were not attacked) should say enough about what happened. Andy has done multiple pieces about Antifa, none flattering as other so-called news organizations have done in the past. These people are not The Resistance, or Patriots, or peaceful protestors in any way shape or form.  They want to intimidate and cause chaos wherever and whenever they  can and for the police of any city to allow them to do this is despicable.

There have been calls for the Justice Department to investigate the Mayor of Portland as well as the police that allowed this violent attack to occur. That would be a start. I don’t have a problem with anyone protesting whatever they want, but when they come to a protest, armed with baseball bats and tire irons, then they’re not there to just protest, but to hurt someone, anyone, and as we’ve witnessed in the past, destroy property.  Those protests are not constitutionally protected and it’s time that law enforcement step up and end these terrorist activities.

It seems, at least to me, the real fascists  are the ones dressed in black (Mussolini’s Black Shirts?), and many if not most are masked to prevent their being recognized as they commit their felonious acts.


One thought on “Is It Time for DOJ to Put an End to Antifa?

  1. Yes…
    Does someone being beaten have to be black before police step in? Has the DOJ sought prosecution of white nationalists? Are Muslim bakeries being targeted by lawyered-up LGBT groups?

    When is assault and battery and inciting a riot not against the law? When it is Antifa or the victims are white.


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