Being a “Racial Terrorist”


I have, it seems, exceeded my wildest dreams as a social media user: I am now considered a racial terrorist. No, I’m not joking and I found it amusing that I was mentioned in a list of just awful people (being facetious here). the mention comes from a comment on a friends blog that she happily tweeted out to us. It stems from a conversation several of us were having on Twitter concerning a writer for an unknown (to me at least) online publication that seemed to be attacking our mutual friend, Sarah Braasch, ad nauseam.  If anyone here is still unfamiliar with Sarah’s story, just do a search on her name from my homepage. You can also look at SkepticReview  for other blog posts concerning her situation.

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Is It Time for DOJ to Put an End to Antifa?



It’s been busy here, so blogging has been a little light recently, I hope to get back to a regular schedule soon, but it’s difficult, traveling.  I’ve been looking at what is going around the Internet thought and the one story that seems to still be percolating out there is the brutal attack on Quillette editor, Andy Ngo, in Portland this past weekend. The video of the beating is disgusting in that, allegedly, the Portland Police stood by and allowed the attack to occur. If that’s true, then what does that say about police departments anywhere? They’ve become politicized and it’s not the individual officers to blame (well, maybe there’s some blame there), but it’s really their  administration which has told them to not interfere.

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