No One Forces Anyone To Be On Social Media



Ever notice, if you’re on Twitter, how much people complain about Twitter? I do, but in the context of it being biased. I’m lucky (so far) that I’ve never been suspended, or sent to the corner or whatever the penalties for saying something that may be offensive to someone are, but I try not to spend too much of my time there. Others seem to be tied to the platform from the time they wake up until they go to sleep. It reminds me of another social media platform, Facebook. I used to work with some people that would come into work daily, and the first thing they would do every morning is log into Facebook. Yes, even before they checked their work email.

Of course, like Twitter, these same people complained then (a few years ago) about how Facebook was becoming authoritarian and not allowing people to post certain content. As we know, over the last few years, whether it’s Twitter, or Facebook, or Youtube, the situation has only become worse and the online complaints have seemed to skyrocket. I’n not on facebook, and rarely peruse Youtube, but on Twitter I keep seeing people referring to the platform as a sewer, toxic to mental health, etc. It makes me wonder, why these same people continue to use Twitter if it’s so awful?

Don’t get me wrong, there have been some very good dialogues/discussions I and others (some of the same that make that complaint) have been involved in but that doesn’t mitigate the fact these same people constantly complain and even threaten to disable their accounts…which never seems to happen. That’s okay. I’m not calling anyone out as a hypocrite, I’ve often thought the same myself and , for over a year, I was off all social media. It was refreshing. I only came back after the 2016 election to see what people were saying about that event. Yeow! I almost quit again, but I hung around a while and just decided not to pay attention to, well, crazy people (on both sides).

In the meantime, I have “met” some very nice people on the platform and I am less concerned with quantity (unlike many others) than quality. So I’m never out there hunting for followers. Follow me/don’t follow me. I don’t care. It seems to be a status symbol for some to garner as many followers as they are able. Not me. Id rather have a few that I interact with on occasion than thousands that I never have any exchange with, ever.

If Twitter, or any other social media platform is too toxic or whatever, walk away. No one forces any of us to participate and if a person constantly complains, yet remains, what does that actually say about them?


3 thoughts on “No One Forces Anyone To Be On Social Media

  1. I had nearly forgotten all about how some people treat follower counts as status symbols because the concept is so foreign to me. I was reminded when I encountered someone, an elected official no less, who went out of her way to point out how many more followers she had than some of her critics. Needless to say, I would have unfollowed her immediately had I been following her in the first place.

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    • ?Yeah it’s funny in a way. What I notice on Twitter are people urging others to get someone else to “1000”, or “10,000” because they are so close. Why would I follow that person? Just to add to their count? Do they provide any content I might be interested in viewing? Mostly not.


  2. As everything else that is really, really important in life now, the count, the likes and the friends/followers have become the be all and end all.

    Ever wonder what will happen if this source of nourishment goes away? People may actually die.


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