Reject the Stupid



Recently, I was in a conversation with a few friends. One person made a few, in my opinion, outrageous statements that I disagreed with and promptly said so. Another friend there,actually, in front of every one there told me that I had to respect the views of others. Really? No where in the timeline of my life does anyone automatically receive respect. I believe in showing respect to others but in circumstances, there are times when a persons opinion needs challenging. One problem, if  not the problem I see nowadays are people afraid to stand up for what the think is right, to become sheep, to aquise to the loudest voice.  Sorry, but I won;t do that.

Just because someone shouts to the rafters means nothing, Stupid is just that – stupid, and there’s a lot of people around all of us on a daily basis whose opinions (they believe they are “facts”) need to be swatted like a fly buzzing around your head, and that’s how they appear in our lives. Lots of people online want to state that something either is true, or isn’t true, and never provide the data one way or the other. Here’s what’s crazy: if that person is left or right wing, those that support either ideology are willing to believe without a scintilla of proof being presented. What did I call that? Oh yea, stupid. I know some will not like me using that word, but how about idiot, or moron? Yes, there appears to be plenty of those online.

And I’m not just criticizing the content consumers by the way, but those that create the misinformation we read daily and again, based on ideology, will readily believe. What does that say about us? Well, it says we’re willing to believe anything as long as it fits a particular narrative. We’ve lost the ability, for those of us that had it to begin with, to think critically. We won’t ask questions about the most outrageous things we read or hear. Believe what you are told. Does that remind anyone of anything? If you have no idea what I’m referring to, then you fit, in one way or another, into the category of stupid, idiot, or moron. Maybe more than just one.

What are we witness to? I think it has to do with probably the greatest movie ever made. Is it the Marvel Universe? No, how stupid are those movies, yet a little (very little) entertaining. it must be Star Wars! Where good overcomes evil! Seriously? None of those movies, ever, were any better than watching Mighty Mouse, when I was a kid. It must be Star Trek then right? Nope. The greatest movie ever made that comes close to showing us as a society today? Idiocracy

I challenge my readers to watch this movie, laugh, and then stop and consider: “Is this where we’re headed?”, as you look around where you live, and see what’s going on around your locality, as well as whatever government you live under on a national level.

Is it too late for people of reason and rationality to stand up and say, enough? I don’t think so, but we’re getting close to where we, as individuals and communities will have no say and that morons will be those that decide for us (We’ve actually been there for about 20-30 years).

Maybe we should stop talking past one another and start listening to each other. Maybe we should begin by having those that represent us, actually represent us. Maybe, its time to start paying attention and not just believing what we want to hear or read. I have my doubtsd, but overall, I’m hopeful that people, no matter where they live on this planet, will actually wake up, and take stock and say “No more” to the stupid.



2 thoughts on “Reject the Stupid

  1. So…Jim, I liked this even though you wrote that the Marvel movies were stupid and only a very little entertaining. You are entitled to your opinion. And that is the point, right? We do not have to tolerate the opinions of others to the point where we cannot disagree.

    We just have to return to a degree of civility and what your mother or grandmother called manners. As well as to a time when it was considered wisdom to think for oneself but only after educating oneself through various means. Asking questions is a good means, reading is good. Twitter is not.

    I repeat Twitter is not. It is a garbage recycling bin.


    • Well, comic book movies, or movies based on Toys (GI Joe, Transformers) have never really interested me. sure, they are okay for mindless entertainment, but that’s about it. Sometimes, tht’s what a person needs. i agree that what we need is. more civil discussion and I would disagree that it cannot be found on Twitter. It takes some time, effort, but there are good, reasonable people that will discuss issues or topics that are in the media or elsewhere. You have to be careful though, and that’s the “trick” or the downside. Be aware of whom you follow and those that you respond to. Is it worth the time? Yes and no. I’ve foound several people I’ve found very interesting but yes, many are just there to troll and create mobs.


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