Ridding Society of ‘Cancel Culture’



I don’t know what many others think, but I am sincere when I say that everyone should have a voice. I may dislike your ideas, I may think they are toxic to humanity as a whole, but that doesn’t give me any right to silence you. You do that on your own. Does that make sense? By alienating your audience, no matter who they are, by race, ethnicity, gender, or religion, we all take the chance of disabusing whatever authority we may have, or what we believe we have, upon our readers, or listeners. There will always be a small cadre of supporters, but even then, we may find that we have to accede to that tiny minority to retain whatever authority we believe we may have obtained.

If you’ve read here loing enough, well, I don’t do that. Read, don’t read. Comment, or ignore; I don’t care that much. Sure, I like to write on topics I believe may be of interest, but, in the long run, whether someone agrees with me or not is inconsequential. I guess that’s the positive being a small, mostly unknown blogger; I can pretty much say what I want and certainly I have some in comments that may disagree, but overall, I’m not subject to the greater Internet where someone may waste their time attempting to silence me.

Not so much on social media – specifically Twitter. What may appear as an innocuous tweet may end up having a mob fill a persons timeline with threats. We’ve all witnessed this at one time or another and every time I see it occur, I cringe a. little bit and it makes me wary of tweeting anything that may be considered controversial to someone else. It doesn’t seem to matter how popular or how many followers a person has. It’s now become feelings over facts. Don’t believe me? Ask Helen Pluckrose, James Lindsey, and Peter Boghossian. How about Noah Carl, who was fired from a postion simply due tp certain people he associated with, that had nothing to do with the position he was hired to perform?

Now, it’s Rachel Fulton Brown, a fantastic academic and a prolific writer that’s being cancelled for what? I’ve never met her, but I started following her on Twitter months ago and lo and behold, she followed me back! I don’t always agree with her, as I don’t with anyone, but I find her an interesting person. Now to answer my own question, people find it offensive that she supports Milo Yianoppolus. Remember him? He has a lot of friends (including me) until he made an injudicious comment concerning pedophelia, having been a victim himself as a child. Milo has been canceled, and some of the same people are trying to silence Rachel.

some of the same people that made their names from association with Milo are now saying that np, they never doid like him much (you know who you are, or would you prefer I name all of you?). and that’s what happens today. Some people ride the coat-tails of a person or a few until it becomes (financially) inappropriate or that these same people may be directly linked to the now bad person. Guess what? You can’t erase the Internet, and you can’t suddenly say that you never had any sort of relationship, when clearly, you did.

I started becoming concerned with all of this with the dismissal of Dr. Noah Carl. I should have been more proactive. My bad. I won’t fall into that trap again. I really didn’t see the few that I had heard about before as a trend in society. Oops! It’s more common than I originally thought. Take for instance, if you’re on Twitter, what occurred to two of my Internet friends, Gretchen Mullen, and Lee Jussim a couple of months ago. They had the audacity to disagree  with some Social Justice advocate and over a couple of days (less?), were mobbed to the point of having to take their Twitter accounts private for a while. The worst? The same person made an attempt to have Lee fired from his position at a major university. Because he presented facts that didn’t line up with one person’s feelings.

This is what er’ve become. disagree with me, I’ll not only attempt to silence you on social media, I’ll do everything I can to ruin your life – contact your employer, simply because I deem you an unwoke person. 99% of us, I believe, are not part of any of this and therefore it’s up to the majority in this case, to put an end to these mobs attempting to silence people simply because there is a disagreement.  If you’re a Twitter user, complain directly to the company for allowing this behavior. I think that if enough f us did, it would come to a quick end as those that proliferate this behavior, will be (and should be) forever banned from the platform.



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