The Sarah Braasch Saga Becomes More Curious



I wrote some tme ago, and also annpunced on Twitter, that I wouldn’t write anything concerning Sarah Braasch in the future. The reason is that I began to believe that some things may have been turning her way. Besides there were much better advocates than me, Gretchen Mullen and Cathy Young, to name two, that would be able to keep up the pressure on the media and Yale itself to bring this debacle (that’s what I consider it) to a proper conclusion. That conclusion, in my mind would be that Sarah did nothing wrong. I did my own investigation and all you have to do is look back here, and search for “Sarah Braasch” on this blog to see what my determination was – months ago.

As I wrote in those several posts, I don’t know Sarah. I’ve never met her, or even spoken with her over the phone. We have communicated via Twitter. That’s it. As I initially wrote, I had never heard of the incident that has done so much to destroy her life. It was Gretchen that put me on the investigative path and with the information known at the time (the same information today) and led me to conclude that Sarah is the victim in this story – not the other way around as has been reported in the media and by Yale itself.

Now, Sarah is asking, and has been for a while now, to see the body camera video of the Yale Police officers who responded to her call at her then dormitory on May 8, 2018. A hearing was finally scheduled for October 3rd of this year. Suddenly, the hearing has been postponed by a request from outside counsel that Yale has hired to defend their position. That came as a surprise for not only Sarah, but her many supporters as well. Why the delay? It seems suspicious but then there would have to be a good reason to delay the hearing, I would think. Maybe because this new counsel needs time to better familiarize himself with the overall case.

I would think though that if the video vindicated Yale’s position, they a) wouldn’t need to hire outside counsel, and b) would be eager to release the video to end any further speculation about the incident itself. If I were a student at Yale, or a parent of one paying an enormous amount of money on tuition every year, i’d want to know why the University is spending money defending a position that in their mind, is settled.

Remember, Sarah is only asking for the video of her interview with the Yale Police to show that there was no racial bias in anything that she did that morning. That Yale wants to drag this out, indefinitely  it appears, becomes a scandal by itself.


3 thoughts on “The Sarah Braasch Saga Becomes More Curious

  1. Excellent post. My sentiments exactly. It would appear to me they have something to hide and that their reputation might be sullied if the truth is out. Perhaps they denounced this as a racist incident too quickly without a fair investigation? Damage control.


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