I’m Sick of the “Impeachment” Circus


I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m sick of all this Impeachment stuff that’s going on in Washington. Why? It’s an investigation in search of a crime, which, so far, the Democrats haven’t been able to show. Yeah, it may be early, but in history, that’s not how impeachment has ever been applied, to anyone. There’s be some 60+ impeachments in our history, two of them being Presidents. The remainder, were people like Federal judges. In every case, there were specific charges voted on by the House of Representatives before it went to the Senate for a trial.

Think of the House as a Grand Jury: Charges are specified, it’s debated, then a vote occurs. A majority voting to impeach sends the indictment to the Senate where all 100 (now) Senators become jurors and a case is presented to convict, as well as there being a defense, as in any trial. The chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides to ensure that the process is fair and law is followed for both sides.

The last President to be impeached by the House was of course, Bill Clinton. The House sent charges of perjury and obstruction of justice to the Senate. These charges originated from the Starr Report, which was an Independent Counsel investigation. The IC cannot indict anyone, but recommend charges. These were debated and the majority sent these charges to the Senate. On the first charge, there were 45 votes to convict. The second? 50. It takes 67 votes to convict on any charge. But again, there were charges, referred by the IC to the House to consider. In the current situation, there are zero charges.

So there’s no there there, at least currently. No one has any information that would indicate Treason, Bribery , or High Crimes and Misdemeanors. as defined in the Constitution, against the current holder of the office. As I said, it’s an investigation in search of a crime. No judge, anywhere, would ever allow a prosecutor to investigate a citizen because they thought he or she may have committed a crime. They would have to have some evidence of criminality to call a Grand Jury to receive an indictment.

They have nothing than their hatred for the current President and the anguish they have for losing the last Presidential Election. So let’s overturn a legal election. That seems to be the purpose. Of course, the next election is less than a year away and I think all the Democrats are doing, currently, is ensuring that not only will they lost the House – by a huge margin – but they will probably lose a seat or two in the Senate as well, giving the Republicans a chance to ride roughshod and do whatever they want. Not good.

It really is time to end this stupidity and get Congress back to working for the people tht elected them. They weren’t elected to impeach, but to work for their individual constituencies on things like infrastructure and healthcare, We elect these people, Democrat and Republican to solve the problems of the country, not have a circus to remove a sitting President simply because they dislike him. As a country, instead of finding ways that we may unite, it seems to me that in the last decade or so, we’ve lost that idea of America. We look for reasons that would divide us and what we need is the opposite. Are we the Greatest Country in the World? It depends on with whom any speak with but I’ll take the US over any other country right now, even with all of our problems.

13 thoughts on “I’m Sick of the “Impeachment” Circus

    • The killer for the Democrats is that they need to “indict” the President soon on some charges. The longer they go, the bet is now that McConnell will hold a 6-8 week trial, taking 6 Dem candidates for President out of the running because they ALL have to be present, as jurors.


  1. Typically, charges follow rather than precede an investigation. Supposedly, the House is now conducting an investigation. If they ever decide they have a sufficient basis to proceed, they will have to hold a vote. I assume there would have to be charges of some sort (i.e., specific grounds for impeachment) for that to happen. It seems like a great deal of time to spend on something that is unlikely to pass the Senate, assuming it gets there.

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    • The democrats have a majority of the House, but it’s not a 2/3rd majority. Even if some Republicans flip and send impeachment proceedings to the Senate, the Senate has a larger majority of Republicans and will strike it down.

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    • Nope. As in the Clinton impeachment, the Independent Counsel investigated. It was from that investigation that the House debated and wrote the “indictment” (like a grand jury would), for prosecution by the Senate. In this situation, the House is acting as a Grand Jury, un precedented in any other impeachment in our history.


  2. Their so called ” evidence” is just hearsay. Sounds like the gospels. I heard it from a guy, who heard it from a guy, that heard it from another guy, and he said that he heard it from another guy who heard it from his neighbor…blah blah
    Trump is running for re-election in 2020.
    The Dems are STILL trying to win the 2016 election.

    There will be no impeachment of Trump. Trump will be president until 2020 and beyond if the democrats like Pelosi & Schiff keep themselves preoccupied with false investigations and accusations of Trump. In fact, they may have handed him the next election. Because the dems are so unwilling to deal with fundamental issues like healthcare & immigration, that they’re looking for something on the side that will somehow give political success.This is really another despicable ploy to steer their Trump hating ignorant constituency to the voting booth.

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  3. What’s worse, they’ve basically admitted that this is just election meddling. This has nothing to do with Trump actually being guilty of anything and everything to do with the fact that they know none of the idiots in the Democrat clown car have a shot in hell of beating him in a fair fight.

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    • Okay. I’m guessing you scan “Instapundit” like I do everyday for the “Democratic Clown Car” update. 🤠 I agree and as I said this is an investigation in search of a crime, which to date (including today) no “witness” (What exactly did they witness? Nothing.) seems t be able to testify to.

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      • They have absolutely nothing and they know it. The mainstream media knows it. They aren’t really covering it. Every single witness says they have nothing bad to say about Trump and the left has to just make something up and explain what they really meant, not what they actually said. This whole thing is ridiculous, but we knew that before it started.

        The best parts so far is the FBI investigation that is being started looking at the Obama administration and the revelation that Biden’s kid was taking money for nothing. Funny how Hunter Biden always makes a lot of money right after his father shows up, huh? Almost like it’s a scam. Hopefully, this will doom Biden’s Presidential run. Not like he could have beat Trump anyhow.


  4. Truth of the matter is, no, I am not sick of the “impeachment” circus. If the Republicrats know what’s good for them, it had better happen to every Democrat president elected from the day they get the electoral college count.

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    • That’s the issue isn’t it? The next Democrat to be elected may, with a Republican majority in the House have to go through the same circus whether he/she did anything wrong or not. I personally don’t want that to happen to any other President.


  5. Just thinking about all the waste of time, energy and tax dollars is enough to make me sick…then add in what hasn’t been getting done on national and international levels and the circus is truly puke-worthy.


    • What needs to happen is that if this goes south and is revealed to be just a scam, as it really is, the government needs to fine the DNC for every dime it spent. Bankrupt the party. I’d love to see that.


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