More on the “Atheist Schism” over at Letter.Wiki

A short post for today. If you. go over to, you’ll see the beginning of a conversation concerning what is referred to as the “Atheist Schism”. That’s the reason this post is short. My fingers are tired typing.

Here’s the link, if you are interested at all. Comments are of course welcome/

5 thoughts on “More on the “Atheist Schism” over at Letter.Wiki

  1. Well…and that is a deep subject.

    Thank you, Richard. I had no idea the elite atheist/skeptic arena was so fraught with terror and potential disaster, but as I thank a sensible and mature man for his reply to this high school drama-fest, you may get a sense of my feelings.

    Let me get this straight; an adult woman “socializes” at a bar until 4 in the morning, an adult man who had been part of the “socializing” follows her to the elevator and in an adult manner says he thinks she is interesting and would she like talk some more over coffee back at his room. She declines and that is the end of the encounter.

    OMG! Did she knee him in the balls, then club him in the head? No? Wouldn’t that action have been justified? No?

    Hmm, but getting the modern equivalent of the Vapors is justified?

    I am sickened by the women who feel they are virtuous in such justification. Grow up, grow a pair of ovaries and play fair, just as an “equal” person should.


    • This happened 9 yrs ago and got worse for several years after. The “schism” drove a lot of good people off the Internet, because they just didn’t want to be a part of nonsense anymore. I was one of those for almost 2 yrs.


  2. I can understand it, Jim.

    I was thinking last night and wondering had the other person been female, would the “8 seconds of terror” been the same? And isn’t that a sexist act to immediately go to “terror” in such a situation because it was a man? Unless the man was leering at her while twirling the tips of his waxed moustache, should there have been any indication that the man was honestly intrigued by her interesting mind and persona, that is, based on her recounting of this incident?

    This notion of all being equal until the woman feebly cries that she isn’t is “Calvin-ball.”

    And why did this come back up? Is it being used as an example of a lack of wokeness on the part atheists/skeptics, who must apologize for past sins and accept that they must behave different in the quest for social justice and Leftist madness?


    • It started with a discussion that Gretchen and I had. I suggested we do a “letter” series so that she could see the “schism” from my point of view. I was there (online) from the beginning and watched it grow and mutate to the point where it destroyed what once was a very vibrant and robust online atheist experience. Today, many of those that used to be on Twitter, although still there, are rarely seen and rarely ever tweet about atheism or skepticism. Good blogs disappeared as well and of course now, online, it’s more of a popularity contest of those looking for YouTube viewers or Twitter followers than anything else. There are still some of us there, but the “newer” contributors don’t seem to care about promoting atheism.
      Also, there were tons of conferences back then – or at least it seemed – that atheists and skeptics could attend that happened all over the country and around the world as well. Now? Name 5. I can name 2. These were also promoted online as well. Not so much anymore. I understand that times change and people come and go in any endeavor, but the “death knell” as I called it in my letter, was this.


  3. Too bad, not that I was ever a part of that elite group, nor were most other atheists, who merely had no deity belief without the need or wherewithal to take part in the great discussions that went unnoticed by us.

    Yet, there are ever more “nones” despite the lack. Perhaps, my tone is a bit acerbic, but it seems all a bit too “Hollywood” to me.


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