There Aren’t Any Winners in the Culture Wars


Occasionally I find a post recommended on Twitter than i find fascinating because it happens to have a level of introspection that I rarely see from many who are either politically left of right. So it comes as a surprise when someone, who declares themself a member of one of these groups writes something self-damning – and happens to be correct as well.

Someone I follow on Twitter submitted this post for all of our consideration and I have to say that before I began reading it, I was skeptical, just based on it’s title. I have found peoiple on both siudes of the political divide to sometimes be less than  sincere on what they write or say but this post is truly eye opening in the sense that the author, I believe has succinctly described exactly why the left will lose the culture wars. Everything in the post may be summarized in this paragraph :

All they have to do is what they’re doing — doing imperfectly, yes, and with numerous counter-examples available, but still doing far better than the Left presently — be willing to talk, debate, permit questions, live and let live, and refrain from joining, embracing, or approving of mobs.

All anyone has to do to determine whether or not any of this is correct is to peruse any of the social media platforms – not to mention, watching the news. On social media, it’s anathema today to hold an opinion, have a thought, that doesn’t conform with what is believed to be mainstream, Those that do not believe that human life is in immanent danger due to Climate Change have been compared to Holocaust Deniers. Of course, if you’re white, you’re automatically a racist and what’s interesting about that is the number of white people that use that liberally. Let’s not forget that anyone that is on the political right is also a Nazi or fascist. All of this has become so ubiquitous today that conservatives no longer hear anything from progressives. It’s just a long Buzz sound coming from somewhere.

I don’t see any winners of  the culture wars. When both sides stop talking to each other, and that’s already happening, then all that happens is to widen the chasm that already exists and does nothing for either political side to resolve any real issues that still plague all of us.



3 thoughts on “There Aren’t Any Winners in the Culture Wars

  1. I think their side of the chasm is crumbling and so our side must move to meet it in order to bridge the gap. We must keep talking sense in hopes that those who want to join us will feel that they can.


  2. The only way forward is to stop being so divided, but if you look at the left and the right, the left is the one fighting most to divide the country. There’s some of that on the right, but the left is fanatical about it. They are tearing their own party apart and within a decade, I expect the Democrats to cease to be entirely. The traditional liberals will go one way and the communist/socialist “progressives” will go another. It will guarantee the left will never take control of the government again.

    And that’s a good thing.


    • I agree that the left is tearing themselves apart and I want to say that I know liberals that disdain what others are doing to their party. If the DNC tried to take the nomination from Bernie this year (and they’re trying), that will rip apart the Democratic party to the point they will never recover.


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