Are Democrat Voters Sexist?


As everyone is aware now, Elizabeth Warren has left the race for the democratic nomination for president. It seems to me that she probably should have left earlier, after Nevada due to her poor performance but most especially after South Carolina. Look: She never finished higher than third place in any of the first four states and in fact finished below in all but one.  That alone should have given her a clue. But some people are just too ego-central to come to the correct conclusion that there. must be a reason that voters aren’t accepting the message from them. The message may in facy be positive, but the messenger may not be the right one to deliver it.

I think there’s a lot of reasons that Warren didn’t connect with democratic voters, mostly due to her fascination with fabricating her own personal history and trying to out progressive Bernie Sanders. It wasn’t just her not actually being Native American, but her easily checked stories of being fired from a teaching job because she was pregnant. How about that  her children attended public school? No truth in either case. I think that her message also became more nebulous and frankly ridiculous as she became more desperate. Would you vote for someone, anyone, for president who would allow a 9 year old transgender child to pick your Secretary of Education? How about her stanuch support of Medicare for All, which according to polls some 7 in 10 Americans support, suddenly becoming Medicare for Some? She was anti-corporate money in elections until, on February 7, running out of money in her campaign, decided she would indeed take “PAC money”. These are just a few of many.

When she gave her little press conference this week at her home in Cambridge though, she enlightened everyone as to why she was dropping out of the race: Sexism. That’s right, democratic voters are sexist. None of the above has anything to do with her political demise, it’s those dirty old sexists that had her coming in a distant third in her home state. It’s just not possible that democratic voters were looking to nominate someone that would be able to beat Donald Trump this fall. No, no, it’s that she is a woman.

From NBC News:

”Gender in this race, you know, that is the trap question for every woman. If you say, ‘yeah, there was sexism in this race,’ everyone says ‘whiner,'” she said. “And if you say, ‘no, there was no sexism,’ about a bazillion women think, ‘what planet do you live on?””

I wonder if she’ll be going through the Five Stages over the next few years, like Hillary has done, except never reaching the last stage, as Hillary hasn’t: Acceptance. Will she, like Hillary blame women for not voting for her, being told who to vote for by their husbands (yes, Hillary made that charge)? Of course, Warren already tossed the sexism card on the table at a recent debate where she told another story from the book of Tall Tales Told, by Elizabeth Warren: Bernie Sanders had told her that a woman could not be elected president. Of course, Sanders denied the charge and after the debate, microphones still hoy, accused Sanders of calling her a liar. No one I noticed in the media, anywhere, took her initial statement as being true and her making an accusation after? Well, she looked foolish. Besides, she is in fact, a liar. Her whole life, as she has described it, is a lie.

So, like Hillary clinton, it’s everyone else’s fault that she has had to drop out of the nomination race. I am waiting until she starts accusing the Russians of interference in the primary.

3 thoughts on “Are Democrat Voters Sexist?

  1. Democrat voters are apparently not only sexist, but racist, ageist, and if Bernie loses out, anti-semitic. An old whiter than white, Caucasian extra-privileged male is at the top. Good grief.


  2. You would have loved the garbage I saw on CNN this afternoon where the (female) anchor was interviewing a (female) guest who had written a book about something or another and both were in complete agreement that the fact that the U.S. hasn’t had a female president yet means we’re all sexist. Even women, they concluded, were to blame because they chose not to vote for Warren because they figured everybody else would be too sexist to do so. The whole thing reminded me of Christians who begin with the assertion that every word in their bible is true and then argue from that perspective without ever acknowledging that it might be baseless.

    There are plenty of valid reasons not to like Warren (or to like her but prefer other candidates) that have nothing to do with her gender, just as there were a whole lot of reasons not to like Clinton that had nothing to do with her gender. I suppose blaming it all on sexism is helpful to anyone wanting to ignore any of those reasons.


    • I should have mentioned in the post that Nancy Pelosi said it was misogyny. But Crazy Nancy doesn’t deserve a mention, normally, in a post. What’s really interesting is the MSM talking about all that’s left in the Dem nomination process is 2 old white guys. Hello? Tulsi Gabbard anyone. A woman, and a woman of color. Of course the DNC changed the rules again and she won’t be on stage for the next debate. I hope democrats become outraged by this.


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