Are Democrat Voters Sexist?


As everyone is aware now, Elizabeth Warren has left the race for the democratic nomination for president. It seems to me that she probably should have left earlier, after Nevada due to her poor performance but most especially after South Carolina. Look: She never finished higher than third place in any of the first four states and in fact finished below in all but one.  That alone should have given her a clue. But some people are just too ego-central to come to the correct conclusion that there. must be a reason that voters aren’t accepting the message from them. The message may in facy be positive, but the messenger may not be the right one to deliver it.

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Are Science and Art Two Sides of The Same Coin?




I had thos professor, decades ago. He was a brilliant mathematician, and was so nerdy that he was able to actually explain complex mathematical concepts to the dumbest (me) of all his students. I don’t use the word genius very often, but this guy, in my opinion was exactly that. He was the guy that would tell you on day one: Everything I say in this class may be a test question. Of course, many just chuckled at that announcement, I probably did as well, but his words were prescient as his exams, all hand written and duplicated on a mimeograph machine, consisted of no more than 3 questions/problems.  He had to grade on a curve because no one ever received 100% , yes that’s how tough his classes were.

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