To Wear a Mask or Not?


We seem to be getting contradictory information about the general public wearing face masks when we go outside. I mean, the first thing I hard was they wouldn’t do any good, but if they don’t, why are  healthcare workers in hospitals wearing them? Then it was yes, yes, masks can prevent a person from getting the coronavirus. As of yesterday, questions were being asked of the administration about these inconsistencies. Will they or will the not help prevent in contracting the virus? I went away from that press briefing knowing  less than before. So, I wanted to contact a healthcare  professional that I know and trust.

It’s complicated – in a way. Yes, wearing a mask while you’re out will prevent the virus from entering your nasal passages if, say, you’re in the grocery store, pass by someone in an isle that sneeze or coughs as you go by them. But then, if the person were actually infected with the virus, those particles will go everywhere else. Unprotected areas of your face, your arms and hands, if you’re wearing shorts (it’s in the 70’s here) even on your legs – not to mention on any items you may have in your cart.

Now you get home, wash your hands again. But then, what about your face, arms, legs, even feet (if you’re wearing sandals)? All it takes is a transfer from one of those other places towards your face to become infected. they tell us, “Don’t touch your face.” but how often do people, unconsciously, touch their face?  That’s the problem. Yes, the mask will protect you for as long as you wear it, but, unlike what we see on TV with healthcare workers, none of us are protected on all parts of our body.

So the advice to me was, if it makes  you feel more comfortable wearing a mask while you’re out, do so. Be aware though, of you’re surroundings and whom you are around at all times. Don’t think that just because you’re wearing a mask that you cannot contract coronavirus.

2 thoughts on “To Wear a Mask or Not?

  1. My immuno-compromised daughter with Dysautonomia wears a mask if she must go to a doctor, as she will this Friday for an echo-cardiogram, as she is having difficulties currently. If one of us must leave the farm, we wear a mask and gloves if we go in to a store, we lysol ourselves, sanitize our hands, when we get to the car, spray lysol on bags, come home, undress outside or in a utility room where we deposit our clothes straight into the washer, slip to the shower in our underpants, scrub and wash our hair. Mail and boxes are lysoled, and milk jugs washed with Dawn, counters wiped with cleaners. Mostly though, we don’t leave the farm. Thank goodness that Walmart already had their pick-up service going and ready. I guess we could put her in a hazmat suit with goggles, etc. Heavy sigh… Oh well, so far so good. Let us get through this season unscathed if possible and hopefully there will be a vaccine for next season. Be safe, Jim. Hugs, Jeanne


  2. This has been very frustrating. Initially, the CDC was clear that the only people who should be wearing masks were those who were already sick and not interested in spreading the virus to others. Now, they seem to have changed their tune to some degree. I suppose it doesn’t affect me either way since masks have not been available here for months, just like toilet paper.


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