Church is an Essential Service


So I heard that now Texas, and Florida are both on statewide lockdown, instead of, like Florida, only some counties in the south, and Texas, just closing schools. Of course, like everywhere else, essential services are still open,  like grocery stores, pharmacies, liquor stores, and churches. Yes, you read that correctly. Going to church is considered essential.  I am not against thee free exercise of religion, but these people cannot skip services for a month? We’re looking at four, FOUR, Sunday services.

Wee can call it pandering to the religious, I believe. I don’t think that either governor, DeSantis of Florida, or Abbott of Texas understand that large gatherings of people are exactly what  assists in spreading the virus. There’s no way to make sure in a church setting, that there can be any distancing between congregants. This is ridiculous and places other people in the community at risk.

President Trump was asked recently in one of the daily briefings if the government was going to order a general shutdown instead of having these as recommendations. He replied that for now they were going to leave restrictions up to the individual states. Now though, it looks like two states, one with a population of 21 million (Florida), the other 29 million (Texas) are going to allow large gatherings as long as they are church services. May as well open the. movie theaters, they’ll be as successful in preventing the spread of the coronavirus as churches will be.

Does anyone in either state really believe that church is essential in a national emergency? I don’t know  for a fact but I do want to believe there will be some churches that use sense and wait until the end of the month to reevaluate. But even if one or teo large churches open in any of the major cities in either state, it’s only a matter of time before the spread of the contagion becomes exponential.  I’m not trying to be doom-and-gloom here, but  the more this drags on because of the stupidity of some people, the worse it is for everyone, everywhere.

There’s a solution though, and I’ve read many houses of worship are already utilizing it: live-streaming. Of course, all of the extras wouldn’t be there but if people needed to receive some teaching from their church, it’s a way for them to attend a service without physically being there, right? Did either of these governors consider that before declaring church to be an essential service? It doesn’t seem so and I guess they’re expecting whatever god they believe in to intervene and prevent the attendees from contracting the virus.

I swear, the longer I live, the stupider people seem to become.

3 thoughts on “Church is an Essential Service

  1. If churches are given the choice to remain open, I’d guess that most of them will. They need income and probably face pressure from their competitors to demonstrate how strong their faith is.


  2. My son-in-law’s (a recovering JW) parents live near Tampa, and I asked how they were doing. He said okay, but he couldn’t believe churches were essential. He said, however, that the JW churches were using some sense and not having services. Will wonders never cease? I keep thinking that the church halls should be used as clinics or overflows for hospitals.


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