Don’t Be Fooled

I tend to forget, maybe conveniently, that what I read on any social media platform does not necessarily reflect reality. The same goes with podcasts. There are some podcasts that discuss topics meant to trigger the audience in some way. I often have to tell myself that what I’m reading or listening to is meant to receive clicks, which is good for the person that posts or records but that’s about it.

I was recently reminded by a regular reader here that Twitter accounts in the U.S. are only 14% of the population. Out of those, how many are actually active accounts? Active, to me, is an account utilized at least once per day. It’s easy to create an account, then not use it and I tend to think that accounts for at least some percentage if that 14%. the same with Facebook. Years ago, I was convinced to create an account. I did, played around with it for maybe a week. then promptly forgot about it until a few months later when I logged in and deleted the account.

It seems that people believe what is posted on any of these platforms constitutes what most people are thinking, or believe. Of course, it’s not. Peruse the Internet, and any can find a variety of opinions and facts about any issue that can be thought to influence people. Of course, sites from any perspective attempt to emphasize the information that makes their case and diminish as much as possible the other side (or sides, there may be more than two). It’s up to the consumer to be at least a little skeptical, even if the information presented fits within the worldview of the reader.

It’s easy to get caught up, I have, and then realize that I left reason behind and instead revved up an emotional response. I then realize I’ve been taken advantage of. Not that I’ve been lied to, but that I had accepted carefully crafted, cherry-picked facts that didn’t tell the entire story. Not that my mind may be changed with the whole story, but I dislike others trying to manipulate my opinion. It’s especially important now to validate information because there are so many out there that want to push all of us in one direction or another (e.g. the Mainstream Media, who long ago, left reason and sanity behind) and do nothing but stir up emotion during a time when it’s important to be level headed.

One thought on “Don’t Be Fooled

  1. Indeed, my sons have Twitter accounts that havn’t been used for a couple of years. I tend to believe that Twitter may have replaced the New York Times as the MSM’s main source for news and verification, and that the media seem to think that Twitter represents what America is thinking and feeling.

    And don’t forget all the Twitter Bots. What percentage of activity on Twitter do they account for? (forgive my poor grammar, but who cares this late in the pm?). Well, it is late for a day that starts early, and what’s for supper? LOL


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