The Left Has Lost it’s Collective Mind

This is not my parents Democratic party. Yes, both my parents were die-hard Democrats their entire lives and if they were alive today to see what the “Party of FDR” has turned into, well, it would probably kill them. Everyday I see more evidence that at least some of these people are just plain crazy. It’s not just all the violence in the streets (yes, Antifa and BLM are far left-wing organizations) but also the rhetoric coming from some in their leadership around the country.

It’s kind of amazing what some are saying and it makes me wonder, if Joe Biden wins the election will anyone still be talking this way? My guess is actually no. There’s Robert Reich, the Labor Secretary in Bill Clinton’s first term. He’s actually callling for a “Truth and Reconsilation Commission”to be created so that collectively, we can all get past those dastardly Trump years. No kidding he even tweeted it out:

Read that and tell me if this is not insane. Who exactly was harmed by Trump’s “hatefulness”. By that way, that’s an opinion, isn’t it and is there anything he can specifically point to that will demonstrate his statement? Of course not. These people don’t live by reason and are irrational. They live on emotion alone. I hate Trump, therefore, he’s hateful. What about naming any and every one that’s ever supported Trump? What does that sound like? Reconciliation or retribution? He also, in another tweet compares what he’s discussing to the Reconciliation Commission of South Africa after apartheid. So what Reich is comparing the last four years to is decades of apartheid in South Africa. Right? These are the same people that want America to take them seriously. Seriously.

We also have a governor in California that is currently saying that no one in California will be able to get whatever vaccine is approved by the FDA unless it is first approved by California officials. Of course, if Biden is elected, the FDA could approve using feces off the streets in San Francisco and governor Newsom would give his okay. This is all anti-Trump rhetoric and in this case will actually place lives in danger.

And remember Governor Crybaby? The one that claimed in April he needed tens of thousands of ventilators , thousands of extra beds, and personal protective equipment for workers? Yes, the one that praised Trump day after day because Trump was rushing whatever was available to New York, until it became known that he, Andrew Cuomo, is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people that were in nursing homes? How quickly after that made the news did he start blaming Trump and the federal government in general. Now he’s saying the same thing as Newsom. placing the lives of New Yorkers at risk Again does anyone believe that if Joe Biden wins this will still be the case? Of course it won’t and anyone that believes either of these will stand by their statements after a Biden victory, is well, foolish, to be kind. This is just last minute politicking.

Why? they’re afraid. Very afraid that Trump will actually win a second term and they’re doing everything they can to try and suppress the vote iiin their respective states. As of this writing, Trum is a little better off than he was the same time in 2016 when everyone assured all of us that a Trump victory is impossible, All I have to say is I live south of Tucson, AZ, and on October 19, there had to be at least 30,000 people at a Trump rally. In a “blue city”. At least 30,000.

I don’t think any of those people that showed up there, or by the tens of thousands in other stops recently want either Reich’s “show trials” or blue state governors refusing to allow their citizenry a life saving vaccine. Of course, whoever wins the upcoming election, none of this will actually occur. I really don’t believe that Newsom of Cuomo will prevent people from receiving a vaccine if they want it. But, it will actually be wait-and-see, won’t it? All of this does validate my thesis though, that the left has lost it’s collective mind.

3 thoughts on “The Left Has Lost it’s Collective Mind

  1. I was remembering you mentioning that today’s democratic party is not your parents democratic party. I’ve noticed that a lot of people today who would formerly have referred to themselves as liberal or left wing now prefer the term “progressive”, presumably because it sounds more… well, progressive. But there’s a difference between what being liberal used to be vs what a progressive is today, like the difference between sane & insane. A progressive is what happens when a liberal goes bad. Like wine turning to vinegar. Progressive sounds like a positive word, doesn’t it? Brimming with the promise of bright new tomorrows. In reality it means moving gradually, progressively, bit by bit, towards an ever more regulated, controlled, and less free society where group identity trumps all and every casual remark is a potential hate crime. We’ll have more and more equality, and more and more fairness, and when we’ve had all the equality and fairness we can stomach, and then some, we’ll have some more, whether we like it or not. It’s the same agenda as revolutionary Marxism, only they want to do it gradually, progressively. You know, like a disease. A liberal used to be a person who would defend your right to free speech even when they disagreed with you. A progressive is a person who will defend someone else’s right to shut you up because they find you offensive. A liberal used to see the value in the free exchange of ideas and opinions. A progressive views these things as a threat to community cohesion. Liberals did what they believed was right. Progressives do what they believe is correct. Right and wrong don’t come into it. Liberals tended to live and let live. Progressives tend to regulate and censor and meddle and interfere because progressives always know best for everyone. It’s a gift they have. To a liberal, language was a tool. To a progressive, it’s a weapon. The actual meaning of words is irrelevant as long as they can be used as heavy blunt instruments to shut people up, because progressives regard themselves as the sole arbiters of what people should and shouldn’t be allowed to think and say, and they feel perfectly entitled to shout down opinions they disapprove of so that nobody else can hear them. Progressive students are particularly keen on this. In contrast, a liberal used to be open to another point of view. To a progressive, there is no other point of view. If you’re not progressive you must be far right, and racist, and xenophobic, and intolerant, and fascist, and “deplorable”. End of story.

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