Do We Need the Government To Be Responsible For Us?

No, the pandemic isn’t over and for some, it won’t be over until Joe Biden is installed in the White House. If Biden does win, we can expect all of the doomsday predictions from the press to go away and everything will be Happy days are here again. You can count on it. It won’t matter if hospitalizations skyrocket and the daily death count triples, Joe will fix it.

Of course, according to every ad I’ve seen from the Biden campaign, he would do pretty much what our current President has already done. so, how is Joe going to fix it? Well, he’s said he would institute a national lockdown, based on what the “scientists” tell him. Well, I’m wondering where in the Constitution the President has the power to do that? Nowhere. Note that Trump declared a National Emergency but that gave him no power on how the individual states implemented the emergency. Some states locked down hard, others, based on the numbers within the state, less so.

Some 40% of small business is gone, forever, because of this pandemic. Who’s to blame? Trump? Individual governors? Maybe a bit for both because in the beginning, we had little scientific basis for any decisions. We didn’t know much about the virus, Our collective attitude was that it’s better to be safe now, than sorry later. Have mistakes been made? Sure, at every level of government and instead of pointing fingers right now, what we need to do is come together and decide that, yes, we will defeat this virus by being smart.

More and more though, we’ve seen this debacle being politicized. Think about it: Democrats won’t agree to any stimulus package die to the election. I guarantee if Biden wins, there’ll be a stimulus package approved by Congress the next week. Although in general I’m against this spending, I know some business owners that could sure use a few dollars to make it through the pandemic. So, being torn I go with keeping small business alive, as much as possible.

We’ve been seeing a little daylight though. Just recently, the Michigan Supreme Court slapped down Governor Whitmer calling her Executive Orders unconstitutional. Also, an appellate court in California has ruled against Governor Newsom’s rules as well. Note these are blue states where the judiciary has had to become involved to allow people to live their lives. It’s not that people don’t want to be safe from the China virus, but that we are able to make at least some decisions on our own about our lives, without government intervention. Remember, early on, in Michigan, where you couldn’t even buy seeds for your garden?

If Biden is elected, forget your favorite eating or drinking establishment, They’ll go out of business, as soon as the “scientists” tell him. Your job? Unless you can work from home full time? Bye-bye. Even a lot of those will quickly disappear. If you have no clients, it doesn’t matter where you work, does it? We have to find a way to stay as open as we can. Look at Europe. Enough said?

I am against the idea of lockdowns, even mask mandates – from government. Before I receive a lot of hate in the comments let me say that individual businesses have the right to require masks for those customers entering their establishments and I always wear a mask where required. There are places I shop that do not require masks. To me, it’s up to them, not to me, and especially not up to any government entity.

I think most of us may be responsible enough to make decisions or ourselves with the assistance of the government and not having the government make those decisions for us.

2 thoughts on “Do We Need the Government To Be Responsible For Us?

  1. I know that the popular notion is that if the Left wins they will declare all lockdowns, etc. to be over, but I just don’t think that is so. The Left has encouraged more restrictions, more lockdowns, more economic disaster all for the sake of the collective good; stopping the virus or “saving” the Earth. Remember that?

    “Climate Change” is a ploy for sending the first world into decline and redistributing their money. The Left has seen how well a pandemic-caused lockdown has pushed their desire forward. If Biden wins, Harris, Bernie, AOC and company will take us even faster down that road. What side is scaring people about Covid? What side seemingly wants “Trump’s vaccine” to fail?

    The only way around a Left win that leads us down their path, is to hope that lockdown Governors want to get re-elected or continue their political career.


  2. There’s no way I will vote based upon diseases. I vote according to the constitution and who will support our freedoms. The rest is on us.


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