It’s Not Judgement

I’ll be happy when the election is over. You?

Now back to more important topics. I was recently speaking with someone, an acquaintance, I guess, about the pandemic and how government has been handling it. Of course, here in the U.S., we basically have a possibility of fifty different solutions and as we’ve seen, there’s been some states that have made more progress than others. Then there are the states that seem to not want to even attempt to return to some kind of normal until the virus is completely eradicated . Good luck with that.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I believe this virus will be with us, probably always. Will it have the effects it has had? No. I believe that therapeutics as well as vaccines are on their way so that we’ll be able to manage it. there may come a time when we’ve vaccinated the whole world and thereby declare victory over it, but I don’t see that coming in the near future.

Back to my acquaintance though; When we were discussing the world-wide health and economic effects of this virus, he made what I took to be a joke at first: This pandemic was a judgement of god upon the world. I started to chuckle, ans then looked at him and asked of he were serious? He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders and said, yes, he was serious. Although I don;t know this person very well, I was surprised to hear that. Of course many of us have heard this same thing in the recent past, or read stories of some evangelist saying something similar.

I wondered, to myself if this guy really believed what he was saying or was this something he thought might be true because some pastor or priest had expressed it to a congregation. I didn’t know if I really wanted to continue this specific topic with him, but my curiosity got the best of me. I had to know, or try to understand, why he thought what he did.

I remember people of faith making all kinds of claims based on what they’ve been told in their churches, mosques, or synagogues. For instance, I remember hearing that god was going to judge us (the U.S.) for the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage (in 2015). The world was going to come to an end. Of course, I’m old enough to remember the 1973 decision on abortion and, although there wasn’t 24 hour news channels or an Internet, we heard pretty much the same thing, Well, in both instances, we’re still here but there may be some that say that god was just taking his time in dealing with us,. It’;s certain the previous pandemics and plagues were considered similarly.

This is the 21st century, or so I thought. Of course none of us may control what another believes or not. Think about all the TV shows about ghosts, UFO’s, and other paranormal or metaphysical phenomena. Those shows wouldn’t be on the air if there wasn’t an audience and certainly believers of any stripe want to have some sort of validation of what they’ve been taught their whole lives.

So it is with the guy I was speaking with. Whatever happens in the world, he seems to want to be able to point and say it’s another sign of the times, or something like that. It’s a shame people refuse to consider that sometimes things happen for reasons that have nothing to do with any god or anything supernatural period. We’re not, as a species, fated for anything, no matter what the secular prophets or the religious ones have to say.

3 thoughts on “It’s Not Judgement

  1. Things do happen for a reason. It’s simply due to cause & effect. As an atheist and a rational person, I cannot attribute cause and effect to the supernatural. I attribute cause & effect to reality. People get hurt either intentionally or accidentally by other people. Or by the natural world that surrounds them. So, to anyone who asserts that the Wuhan Virus is part of their gods plan without demonstrating their god is real or that plan is real, then my advice to them is to shut up. And don’t go around talking about suffering in the presence of your all loving god who ought to be preventing it in the first place. Because even if they could demonstrate their god is real, and its part of his plan, then I’m not impressed. If thats the best a god could do, I wouldn’t trust him to run that plan anymore than I would trust the WHO to run a lemonade stand.


  2. Religious belief is complicated. For those who believe in End Times, everything…literally everything…points to the time drawing nigh. Those, who consider it to include a rapture of the righteous before Satan rules, look forward to it with their own type of joy, even as they acknowledge that most people they know will remain through the tribulations, but they pray for them in hopes they will find God/Jesus in time to save themselves.

    Of course they also believe that End Times brings a terrible judgment from their God upon all nations and unbelievers and other terrible sinners, as well as those that simply failed to find/acknowledge/hear God/Jesus in time. We are going to hell, or possibly will experience hell on Earth and maybe be forgiven if we bend the knee to God Almighty.

    Signs of the End Times range from the weather to plague to disobedient children, but most certainly riots/burning/unlawfulness count high, as does activity in the Middle East and the fate of Israel. And no, the weather/plague/disobedience has NEVER been like the current era, no matter what era it is. Neither can anyone tell them any difference using facts and history.

    This is a horribly negative way to live. The ugliness of thought of such people turns upon their certainty that they will be among the righteous to go directly to heaven when God takes them in the Rapture, but they do not understand how their thoughts seem ugly to the rest of us.


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