Sometimes, I Get Hate Mail

All I can say is, Wow. For some reason, I am rarely surprised by anything or anyone. I’m fairly certain that in most cases, that I’m aware of, I haven’t projected anything that would bring down some of the wrath I’ve received lately. I put it off to the election and people on both sides being afraid that their candidate will lose. I‘ve actually received what I would refer to as “hate mail”. No death threats, at least yet, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen even a single hate email.

If there’s a downside to blogging it’s that pretty much the entire world gets to view my opinion on a variety of topics, yes, including politics. When I first started this blog, I swore to myself that I would never comment on politics. This blog was going to be primarily about atheism and skepticism. There’s really only so much one can write on those topics before becoming redundant. It doen;t mean I don’t like writing about either, I just want to write about what I’m currently thinking about. Sometimes, it’s politics. I’ve asked a couple other atheist bloggers and they agree thaat I should write what I want. So, I do.

Of course, my blog is not required reading and if people don’t like what I have to say, they’re welcome to comment. For those that are regular readers here, I don’t moderate the comments. Say what you will as long as it’s not threatening to anyone. I don’t expect everyone to agree with my take on anything, In fact, I have zero expectations whenever I post anything.

I thought about posting a couple of recent examples here but decided against mainly because I don’’t want to give any of these people any more oxygen than they deserve. I think that’s how people like this survive: they attempt to mob someone and because the person attacked, directly responds, well, it becomes self fulfilling doesn’t it? Of course idiots like this don’t often realize they can be tracked down, easily. Personally, they can remain anonymous. Another person, at a later date, will end up dealing with these nasty personalities. I just no longer have the energy and as I said, if I don’t engage, they usually go away. People like this are looking for some kind of affirmation.

It’s actually kind of funny. Strangers making a judgment based on one or two blog posts. I think that says something about them, doesn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Sometimes, I Get Hate Mail

  1. RE: “… both sides being afraid that their candidate will lose.” … I think that’s exactly it. At least I think it explains the recently sensed heightening of focus and tension.


  2. You could always do what bloggers at a certain blog network used to do and create an online collection of all the hate mail you receive and point to it repeatedly as evidence of “abuse,” “harassment,” “persecution,” and who knows what else. Over time, it could become central to your identity. Hell, you might even try fundraising from it. Of course, doing all of that would probably lead to you being invited for coffee in an elevator, so there’s that to consider.


    • The only reason I wrote that post is because getting negative feedback via email is very unusual for me. It’s been at least 2 yrs since I’ve received any “hate mail”. I really thought about writing what I did because I don’t want to come across as a victim – I’m not. I left the “experience” generic because I didn’t want to give any more oxygen to the emailers than I did.


  3. Sorry for the hate sent your way. You are pretty much the least offensive person that I know online. Of course, that doesn’t count for too much, since I don’t get around to many places.


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