Veto the “Stimulus” Package

I dob’t know about anyone else, but I’m outraged over this coronavirus Relief Bill that is expected to pass both houses of Congress, today, and be signed by President Trump soon after that. I actually do know of others that have a level of outrage – all anyone has to do is log into their favorite Internet application and see the numerous criticisms of this bill by people from the left and the right.

This bill is a huge giveaway for special interests and has almost. nothing to do with financial relief for those suffering through brutal rules concerning the covid virus. If anyone has the time, here’s the text of the bill. Good luck sifting though it to find those minuscule items that are related in any way to relief or stimulus for beaten down Main Street, USA. It’s a great bill if you have friends in Congress and need money for pretty much anything else. There’s loads of articles already published concerning the horror this bill is. Here’s one. How about the Washington Post? They don’t seem very complimentary but do go into where the money is going (not to you, BTW). Okay, $600 will go to each taxpayer and another $600 per child meaning a family of 4 will receive $2400. Maybe. Depending on their income level. From last year. Oh, and it’s a one-time-only payment.

Just look at all the money spent on other things though. Some people online today have tweeted out lists of where large chunks of the money is going. Again, not to you. I found this on Twitter. Of course some of this comes out of the Budget bill (e.g. foreign aid) but the question is why were spending so much there and so little on the suffering American people:

This list, of course, is not exhaustive. As I mentioned, there are plenty of articles out today as well as tweet threads where some have done the gargantuan task of going through the stimulus bill to discover what is actually in it. I will say one thing that I agree with other real conservatives about (a few of them in Congress): The president should veto this. Sorry, I know for some even $600 now would be helpful but Congress needs to look this as not one of many bills, but as the final statement they are going to make. If that means more individual releif, then make that happen in this bill. Joe Biden has already said,

Biden said in a statement Sunday that “this action in the lame-duck session is just the beginning. Our work is far from over.”

The time it takes Congress to pass such legislation, no matter how much it is in the future, I believe will be too late for many businesses and individuals. Government (mostly at state level) have already destroyed tens of thousands of small business that will never, ever come back. Whatever Congress decides to spend in the future, will never undo the damage government has already done to the economy. Then, maybe that was their plan.

One thought on “Veto the “Stimulus” Package

  1. VETO! YES!

    I sat in stunned disbelief when I heard on Rush’s show yesterday some of the items in this bill.

    Only about 2 billion is for Covid Relief. This is something Americans should be protesting in the streets!


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