If You’re Old or Sick, You’re Worth Less Than a Politician.

The rollout of the new vaccine – rules determined by a panel at the CDC – should tell us all we need to know about what unelected bureaucrats think of the American people. In a story just out from a conservative news site, Brietbart, representative Tulsi Gabbard goes on a tear about how this is being done. For months during the development of these vaccines, what was it we were all told? The people most vulnerable to the virus should be first in line. Who are those people? Did we suddenly forget?

As I recall, it was people 75 or older and then those with preexisting conditions, no matter how old. In other words, yes, the most vulnerable in society. Instead, what we see are politicians, and hospital workers, you know, those brave, healthy 25 year olds, getting the vaccine first. I think that means we’ll see a lot more deaths simply because the elderly and sick won’t have an opportunity to receive the vaccine, any vaccine, until February, at the earliest.

Why am I not surprised? Since when is a politician an essential worker (I bet all of their staff also receive the vaccine as well)? Even hospital workers. didn’t the same tell us than hygiene (hand washing), wearing masks, and social distancing was what was required for the general public? So a healthy 25 year old nurse, being infected by the virus and having a 99.98% survival rate will receive the vaccine before a 70 year old with a heart condition, asthma, or diabetes. why am I saying this about the medicos/ I recall in June, during the initial “protests” (riots) there was video of “health care workers” standing outside their hospitals, cheering these unmasked, non-distanced, people on – then the very next day chiding the rest of us for not masking up?

Remember the letter from epidemiologists – some 1300 if I recall – that said protesting for social justice would not be an event in the spread of the virus, but walking down an isle in Walmart, without a mask, was tantamount to mass murder? Yes, those people.

This is the way the government works though,. I remember when my Father became sick, with cancer, how little the V.A. was concerned that he survive; Someone that was a WW3, Korea, and Vietnam veteran. But he was 80 and well, they weren’t going to expend resources they didn’t have to on an old man. Now we’re seeing that same policy implemented in general, nationally.

If you’re old and/or sick, you are less important than a freaking politician because, and I’m guessing here, you are less a contributor than others. Or maybe, this is the reason.

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