Does it Make Sense to Impeach Trump, Now?

It seems that Democrats, possibly a few Republicans, are inteny on impeaching President Trump. Yes, tha’s correct. With seven days left in his presidency, it appears that Congress is going to vote impeachment on this sitting president without holding a hearing or presenting any charges to the open Congress, nor will there be a chance to present witnesses because – SEVEN Days. Of course then there has to be a trial in the Senate. This is where witnesses are questioned under oath and evidence presented, just like a regular court, to determine actual guilt or not. One more time: SEVEN DAYS. What if they can’t get through the procedure in that amount of time? Right now, what they’rte proposing to do is unprecedented and most likely unconstitutional.

What happens if the House is able to get through their procedure but the Senate is unable to even begin a trial? On January 20, he’ll be out of office so if there’s no trial, what good does an impeachment in the House do? Maybe they’re araid he’ll come back and run again in 2024 which would mean if he won, the day he was sworn in he would be impeached and there would be plenty of time for a trial. Anything’s possible, but I doubt this scenerio.What then is the pupose of this action by the House? Theater?

There is no provision in the constitution for removing a person from office that is not in office. Of course, there are some lawyers that disagree on this point but one essay I found said if you’re willing to pay them, you can get a lawyer to argue anything. I can’t imagine that this would hold up to any judicial scrutiny at any level of the Judicial Branch. For Congress to try a private citizen of crimes, because once he leaves office, Trump is a private citizen, would be unprecedented and give Congress, whatever party is in charge, some terrible powers. Consider that Congress could impeach and put anyone on trial at that point. No, I’m not making this up. Any businessman/woman down yo main street citizens. The Department of Justice would be redundant with maybe the FBI being the shock troops to go and make arrests, on warrants from Congress, not a Judge.

Of course, as I said, I cannot imagine any sitting Judge approving this Frankenstein Justice. But what if somehow, even at the Supreme Court, impeachment was declared legal for anyone, office holder, former office holder, or none of the above? A ruling like that would fundamentally change this country forever. We would have no need for a President at all because the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader of the Senate would be ruling the country.

I hope that cooler heads prevail and no new impeachment occurs, but there is such an animosity coming from Democrats, ( read this ) it seems apparent they are willing to do anything in their self rightiousness to the final destruction of this country. I cannot imagine hating anyone this much. I mean, there are people I dislike and avoid the best I am able, but I would never consider doing anything to physically hurt them. What the Democrats are proposing is just that, physical and mental distress to those they disdain, mainly Republicans and more specifically, those people (main Street or not) that voted for/supported Donald Trump. In other words, some 75 million people will feal the wrath of the Democratic party if they have their will.

What we’re witnessing now is the stuff of “Seven Days in May” which was about a military coup. The difference here is that this attempted coup is done under the guise of law but what it really is, is laelessness. Don’t be fooled.

3 thoughts on “Does it Make Sense to Impeach Trump, Now?

  1. Hard to tell whether this is just the final spasms of TDS, or part of an hidden agenda to impose one-party, totalitarian rule. Given how things have played out over the past twelve months, I fear the latter.

    One thing is clear: it’s not about DJT anymore. The Dems seek to utterly subjugate anyone who ever supported or voted for Trump.

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  2. The violence at the Capitol was set up. Trump incited NOTHING. That “impeachment” was pure gangster politics. And the Republicans who voted for impeachment should be aggressively primaried & voted out of politics. The democrats are the real mob in more ways than one. BLM, ANTIFA, DNC.


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