Trump Declares Chinese Genocide Toward Ugyhurs

On his final day, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the U.S. has designated China’s campaign against the more than one million Uyghur’s are genocide. That’s right, genocide. I’m wondering, since this was announced so late, if there was any coordination with the incoming Biden administration, It would only make sense but inthis case, I doubt it.

So the question becomes, will Biden walk back that charge or will they allow it to stand. I can imagine the reaction from China. Of course they’re fuming. Will Biden apologize for stating the truth that what the Chinese government is doing to more than a million people is nothing less than genocide? These Uyghurs are already interned in slave labor camps. It is reported there are mass sterilizations and even a report that the Chinese are using these people for parts. That’s right, kidneys, livers, heart/lung replacements although that report is more of an allegation now than a specific charge against the Chinese government.

So what will Biden actually do? It’s hard to say because there are many in his own party, many in Congress that see the treatment of the Uyghurs as inhumane and a crime against humanity. If he apologizes and walks back the now U.S. position, he will forever damage the U.S in world affairs, especially toward human rights around the world. By reversing this position, he would tacitly favoring state, like Israel, that his party considers violating human rights of the Palestinians.

What needs to be remembered here is that even though Democrats control the Executive and Legislative branches of government, they have no mandate. They barely held onto a majority in the House, and do not have a majority at all in the Senate. Biden has to be careful at least until the next election in 2022. Until then, he’s going to have a fractured caucus that he will have to appease in various ways, not being able to satify all if any.

Did the Trump administration plan this late surprise for the incoming Biden team? Probably. Trump has had more than a year to make any declaration concerning this ethnic.religious minority but waited untol the day before he officially left office. I’ve seen some people describe this action as a “Fuck You” to the incoming administration. I definitely throws a wrench into how they have planned to work with the Chinese government

I wonder if there are other bombs Trump has left in either foreign or domestic policy? The next few months will be interesting.

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