Twitter Won’t Let Me Post This

A quick post. I treid to tweet this article out earlier today but Twitter refused to allow it to be tweeted because the article comes from a source they consider to be harmful. So, although it may not receive the audience it desereves, here’s the artilce.

Exclusive: Former Pfizer VP to AFLDS: ‘Entirely possible this will be used for massive-scale depopulation’


5 thoughts on “Twitter Won’t Let Me Post This

  1. I think it is all complex and ideas (theories) off the main stream get poo pooed for political and/or personality objections. But multiple ideas/theories are part of the normal science process and we’ve been watching the sausage (science) being made for the last year. BTW and FWIW, AFLDS was not debunked. Their real world results and observations were off the mainstream for weird political reasons (Google “Trump hydro-I-can’t-spell”) and was smacked down by several platforms, including their website itself (which was effing amazing to me). Science is ugly and it’s not like you “follow the science”, it’s more like you get “caught in the flow of science swirling around with a mix of economics, politics, personalities and emotions”.

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    • Yes, I recall they were some of the ones promoting the use of hydroxychloroquin which some others in the government said was not a treatment for Wuhan. Scientists were blocked from YouTube, etc. for saying it was effective in some cases. One thing that never was explored were countries in Africa that use this all the time because it is an anti-malarial. Guess what their rate of exposure is? Very low.

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  2. There’s no rationale to vaccinate anyone who’s not high risk. But also no need to conclude some secret, nefarious utilization of the vaccine itself. Greed is sufficient to explain Pfizer’s eagerness to sell more vaccines than required. The fear-mongering and imposed conformity of the Branch Covidians explains the ignoring of the science.

    As for the censorship, that deformed leprechaun at twitter needs to be smacked down for good.

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