What’s wrong With This Picture?

I don’t know what anyone else has been ding in the recent couple of weeks, but I’ve been watch soccer. Ye, wht the remainder of the world refers to as football (because it’s played with the players feet). Particularly. since June 11, the Euros competition that was delayed from last year because of the pandemic. So, it’s been pretty good as far as watching a sport I enoy. Also, we’re seeing the Copa America which is the South American competition. Both of the have been good to watch. Another that has been going on is some friendlies with the US Women’s National Team. You know, the Women’s World Cup winners the last two time (4 times in total). they’re gearing up for the Olympics in a little more than a month.

That’s what I’d like to talk about for a bit tonight. The US Women’a team does not receive the adulation that it should, I believe, based on it’s history of winning. Some of these current players will be hall of fame worthy because for some, this will probably be their last competition. Yes, unfortunately in soccer, once you’re past 30, that pretty much means the end for at least your international career. There are many of these women that are there right now and will probably not be on the team ifor the next World Cup in 2023.

It does look though that they are bringing up younger players now. That’s good because instead of having a group retire from the team leaving it in a lurch, there will be someone there that may help pick up the pace. It may be a few years before these younger ones become as good as the current group. But the same could be said about this current group that came of age after the team of the ‘90’s early 2000’s. Well, we’ll see, I guess.

I have one complaint though and it’s not about the team in general, but their new kit which they’ll be wearing in Japan next month. It’s called The Stars in the Stripes. Meaning the stars (players in the stripes. The problem? The stripes are red and blue. Just to make sure the left had not changed our national flag, I had to take a look: The stripes are still red and white. It appears no one else has notice this or if they did, made any noise about it since they are making reference to the Stars and Stripes. Maybe they thought we were too stupid to notice. I guess that’s a possibility. That would actually make sense knowing what the media think of the American people and US Soccer? Probably doesn’t care one way or the other.

5 thoughts on “What’s wrong With This Picture?

    • Oh, I never said it didn’t look good. It’s what they refer to it as on TV. If they changed the blue to white, it wouldn’t be the flag as a item of clothing but would make more sense as “The Stars in the Stripes”.


      • I hear what you’re saying. And the same pattern with white might look okay. I just get irked by people that bitch about “desecrating the flag” that then wear full flag shirts and flag capes. The former military in me stiffens when flag code isn’t followed.


      • For me, it’s just. how they are referring to the kit. It doesn’t look anything like the Stars and Stripes. Maybe it’s not supposed to which makes it designation more ridiculous.


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