What’s Going on With These Vaccines?

I think everyone, at least everyone I know, knew that because of the rush to produce an effective vaccine for COVID, that there would still be some side effects, some unanticipated even though yes, they did run all of these through thousands of people in the abbreviated trials. Even without the rush to production, it’s known that medications of all sorts have side effects some minor, others that could be major to the point of being life threatening. Don’t believe that? Watch the inundation of commercials of various drugs from rheumatoid arthritis to cancer: the manufacturer mentions in every case every possible side effect even if the chance of some effects are low. It gives a person pause: at least it does me. Would I want to take that particular medication not knowing if it was going harm me in some way or even kill me?

Well, the companies are just protecting themselves, legally. Besides, has anyone ever gonme to their doctor and said, Hey, let’s try X for my condition. I never have and I don’t know anyone that has (I’ve asked a few friends if they would ever do something like that. Unanimously? No.) Of course none of the advertised medications are meant for everyone, even those with the specific condition, there’s usually the caveat, Ask your doctor if X is right for you.

There doesn’t seem to be the same level of concern with the COVID vaccines as the recent issue is that, in young people, it seems to cause myocarditis, or heart inflammation. Depending on the article read, or the news station watched, this is either a minor inconvenience or something a bit more than that. One article I read reported only a handful of cases and 80% of those “recovered without any further problems” (that’s a paraphrase). The article I just linked, reports many more reported. The CDC is looking further into this, this week, but let’s look at this another way: Remember the kerfuffle over the Johnson & Johnson vaccine that caused (supposedly) blood clots in some women under the age of 50? Remember how many women were reported to have had this issue? Six. That’s right, six out of over 6 million inoculations. The government halted distribution for a while until they could discover what the problem was with the vaccine. As you can see from the CDC announcement for resumption, all they did was warn of the risks.

Now we have hundreds, if not more, young people suffering from heart inflammation due to a COVID vaccine and yet we don’t have the CDC or the FDA halting inoculations for the young people, even temporarily. Colleges and Universities, in some cases, are telling students they may not attend in-person classes without the vaccine. The same can be said for some primary and secondary schools as well. Remember the “vaccine passport” that was being discussed a few months ago? It looks like we have one for pupils and students.

What will the CDC eventually say about this possible effect on young people? Will they tell parents not to get the vaccine for kids between certain ages or will they just say, Hey, your child might experience a serious heart condition when given the vaccine, but the vaccine is still required. As a parent, what will you do based upon what may or may not come out from the CDC? I am not recommending not receiving the vaccine for anyone. I just think the government needs to be faster and more transparent when potential problems may arise.

I know a lot of people that have not received the vaccine at all and the main reason I hear is that they don’t trust any of them to be safe, overall. Never un our history have we developed a vaccine so quickly and that there may be more effects tht what were known initially is what is keeping many from being vaccinated. Our government has gone back and forth on so much with this COVID emergency that many have come to mistrust anything the government says. Here’s one: If you’ve had covid, and of course recovered, also meaning you already have the antibodies to protect you in the future, should you go ahead a get the vaccine anyway? Believe it or not there is no definitive statement from the CDC one way or the other on this question. But then, you wouldn’t have a piece of paper saying that you’d been inoculated, the so-called and non-existent, “vaccine passport” would you?

4 thoughts on “What’s Going on With These Vaccines?

  1. 3.8M deaths from Wuhan……..supposedly. We have know way of knowing if 1/3, or 1/2 of those deaths are from pre existing conditions or the seasonal flu. 3.8M stacked up against 8B is not a pandemic. I stopped trusting the numbers when the WHO goes along with China’s recent Wuhan death toll at 5K. Seriously? I also do not trust this vaccine either. It’s an experimental drug that was invoked under experimental medical protocol authorized under the Emergency Use Authorization Act. Take note of that word: EXPERIMENTAL.
    They literally fast tracked it for the purpose of human testing. Why no fast tracking or incentives to get the Swine Flu or Bird Flu vaccine 11 years ago? The CDC, Media, & our Gov’t are the world heavyweight champions of liars. They suspended the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, then they lifted the suspension. Of course Johnson & Johnson reported that resulted side effects or deaths caused by their vaccine is a very small percentage. Bullshit. But even if that were true, that is literally the equivalent of saying:
    ” Well, it’s only a couple of drops of urine in the drinking water. So it’s still safe to drink”
    No. No its not. Even one drop of urine is TOO MUCH for me.
    Reports of clot-related injuries & death after the AstraZeneca vaccine have prompted more than 20 countries to delay the use of the vaccine. The mRNA “vaccines” created by Moderna & Pfizer are GENE THERAPIES. They fulfill all definitions of gene therapy and do not meet ANY of the definitions of a vaccine. They do not boost immunity or prevent transmission. The vaccines are designed to reduce symptoms, NOT to reduce infection or prevent transmission. On 3/5/2021 the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System received 31,079 adverse reports for the vaccine as well as 1,551 deaths from the vaccine. Don’t become a statistic. Read & review the science very closely before making up your mind about injecting yourself with an experimental vaccine or gene therapy drug. I contracted Covid-19 a year and a half ago. I recovered from it in 3 weeks. Haven’t had it since & have had no vaccine nor will a vaccine be in my future. Perhaps my natural immune system adapted, strengthened, & learned how to fend it off from now on. Perhaps we’d be better off if we just let nature take it’s course and run through the population ( healthy people are the only ones who should be out really) and then it seems we’d build some sort of an immunity & decrease the time frame of the whole nightmare. If we keep locking down healthy people, we’ll never get out from under it. In the meantime, I will not be an experiment. Proud to be a Non Vaxxer.


  2. We know that some people that got Covid 19 became very, very ill, hospitalized, some died and some had lasting effects from CFD to having to wear oxygen for many months after getting out of the ICU. We know that children pre-puberty tend not to suffer terrible effects (unless rare and/or with other conditions) if they contract Covid 19. We know that something is amiss with some teenaged recipients of the vaccine. We also know that this is the first time that Messenger RNA has been used in human vaccines, which is one reason that progress moved at Warp Speed.

    Some people truly do not trust the government thanks to the Democrats and the Corporate Media, but Biden is perfectly willing to take credit for the vaccines. Some actually do believe that the government puts trackers in vaccines and will not get any sort of vaccine. Despite such stupidity, millions have received the vaccine with little to no problem.

    Let’s remember the Birth Control Pill and early Estrogen Replacement for women. Guinea pigs all of us. We had no problem with the vaccines and gladly got stuck…guinea pig?…we all were.

    We have pre-school grands and they most likely will not get the vaccine until some future time if ever. That to us is taking a risk too far.


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