When Asked, Refuse to Answer

I’ve been asked multiple times recntly, if I’ve ben vaccinated against COVID. Why is that important to other people and isn’t it my right to keep my personal medical information private? All I see on television, (well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration) are public serice announcements about getting vaccinated. when, in front of the Senate recently, Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked what percentage of his staff at NIAID had been vaccinated. He didn’t know but if he had to guess? Upwards of 60%. Two other agency heads were at the same meeting, one of them the CDC, and both agreed with Fauci said: maybe 60%.So the people (government) pressing for people to get vaccinated are not themselves, being vaccinated.

Can it be due to a lack of vaccine available? Possibly but all I hear locally is that there is plenty of vaccine available and a person can just walk into any of the venues without an appointment and receive an inoculation for COVID. when 40% or more of government employees, people who work in health care, are not receiving or haven’t yet received a vaccination, it becomes a question by itself, doesn’t it? Locally, in the news, large numbers of health care workers have not been vaccinated. As easy as it should be to be vaccinated, it is just curious, isn’t it?

No conspiracy thoughts here just thinking out loud as to why, in general, people are harassed about being vaccinated when large numbers of people in health care (government or otherwise) have yet to be inoculated? Of course, it’s really none of my business who’d been vaccinated and who has not just as it’s no one else’s business whether I’ve been vaccinated or not. Let’s look at this.

If you’ve been vaccinated, why would you care if another person has been or not because, as we’re told, a vaccinated person is immune from contracting the virus. the unvaccinated person take the gamble that they will not contract the virus, become mildly ill from it, or severely ill possibly leading to death. Still, those vaccinated will be unaffected won’t they? also, at least in my state, there were guarantees made of not having a vaccine passport – proof you’ve had the vaccine in order to be in large venues, fly, whatever.Again, people who’ve been vaccinated shouldn’t be concerned since they are protected from those unwashed heretics that refuse to be vaccinated.

Will there come a moment when, because of the lack of response to these vaccines, the government may require everyone to receive the vaccine and be able to show proof? That could happen but then the federal government may have to fight the individual states to make such an order as it is beyond their authority, constitutionally.

One thought on “When Asked, Refuse to Answer

  1. I neither care who knows or who asks if I am vaccinated. As of now, the cruises will run with 95% of the people vaccinated, so to cruise we will need to show proof if we sail in late October. We have been carrying our cards since we got them. So far only one health service (imaging) has asked for my vaccination card.

    There are still some folks wearing masks in stores and I assume that they are not vaccinated, but I am certain that there are more than a few unvaccinated people that are going maskless. It is their choice.


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