Vote Local for Meaningful Changes in Your Life

I’ve been noticing an uprising in our country. No, it’s not an insurrection, it’s voters saying enough. Enough of government telling me what is appropriate to say, how to address people that I don’t even know, what books I can or cannot read, and it goes on and on. Who’s to blame? Well watch conservative news television or listen to conservative talk radio and they’ll tell you: the left. But is that true? Of course we’re seeing more leftwing policies implemented in all areas of our lives but who’s really to blame for what is going on?

It’s us. That’s right. you and me for not paying attention to what is going on around in our own communities. How many have attended a city council or school board meeting in your area? When was the last time you attened a county supervisors meeting? All of these are people that you vote for every four years. Most people have no idea what, if anything occurred in the last city council , school board, or county supervisors meeting. Of course we all stand around the water cooler daily and complain abut Washington, because that’s all we hear about in the news.

Of course, we in the flyover part of the country cannot keep from hearing about what goes on on both coasts and to be honest, probably most of us are glad we don’t live in places like we constantly hear about on the national news. It doesn’t matter who you watch you’ll hear similar, sad, statistics. The only thing that would change id the analysis of what caused these issues. Some channels blame the police, others blame the local government. You believe what you believe.

So what can we, the people do, to stop what many, o matter the political ideology, believe is destroying the core of our society? It’s not Washington D.C. that’s the problem, it’s the local and state government that we should be paying more attention to. as these people have a lot more to say about what our daily lives look like that almost anything that comes out of Washington. Want to rid your schools of Critical Race Theory? Don’t call your representative in Washington, protest at your school board. Vote them out, or sponsor a recall. I’m just giving the one example here because it seems to take up a lot of peoples energy being angry about it when the solution is simple. Want another one? Cities/States that have voted for the “no cash bail” option, releasing violent offenders with multiple arrests back on your streets.

You voted for these idiots whether it was city, county, or state. You can change your community by an insurrection known as voting.I can’t believe the numbers of people I know in my own town that have NEVER voted in a local city council/mayoral election. Do they not understand that these are the people that pass the ordinances that affect their lives every moment of every day? I’ve been on this rant for over twenty years now (maybe closer to thirty) and no one can show me what I’m saying is false. It isn’t.

So what I’m attempting to do here is get more people active in their local communities. What you do there affects what is done at the state level and finally (hopefully) the federal level as well. When the people speak, locally, it says a lot to those who are watching the state of the nation.

One thought on “Vote Local for Meaningful Changes in Your Life

  1. This is where the change occurs that will most affect our lives. This is where we choose the future leaders at the state and federal level. This is where they learn to keep in touch with the people they serve and represent.

    But, of course, they must beware when they move upward that they do not “lose their soul” to the Establishment Elite of their own party.

    Yes, I am heartened by the pushback at the local level, especially concerning CRT in public schools.


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