Bullying Won’t Win You Friends. Or Compliance.

I’ve noticed quite a few people that I know personally, or are familiar with on social media that, right now, are claiming they will not be bullied by President Biden’s threats to get vaccinated. Before anyone believes they know the ideology or just plain politics of any of these people let me say, that no, you probably don’t. A couple of people I know personally are in fact very liberal and are not in any wat anti-vaccination. Those that I am familiar with on social media are split I think: some conservatives, a few libertarians, and yes, there are liberals there as well. At least for me this tactic has yes, divided the country in a large way but in another way has brought some together on at least this single issue that would probably not happen on any other, or at least few other, issues.

Of course if you listen to the media, those 8 million or so that refuse to be vaccinated against COVID are all red state rednecks or something when that’s further fro the truth than most everything else thay will tell you. I just heard this morning that my state is reporting ICU’s ”overflowing” with COVID patients on some national (cable) TV service. Guess what? Completely wrong. There had been a rise in hospitalizations a month ago, but no where near to overflowing and now? It seems thst the Delta variant is subsiding to where even the number of cases are down dramatically over the last month. By the way, cases don’t really mean anything it’s hospitalizations and deaths that are the important metric.It’s true that nationwide there are a little more than 1,600 deaths due to COVID in recent weeks (7 day average) but that number, too, is dropping as many scientists said it would (none in the government, BTW).

If this is such a crisis currently then why are football stadiums (college and professional) overflowing. All of those people have been vaccinated and are able to show proof of being fully vaccinated? I doubt it. Imagine how long it would take to validate every persons vaccination card before allowing them into a stadium? The President spoke about being used to being vaccinated, as in attending school, but not all kids are vaccinated against the ”common childhood diseases” or we would be seeing rising cases of some of those we thought were virtually wiped out, like the measles. Yes, there are lots of people that are anti-vax, no matter what the vaccination is made to prevent and there’s really very little the government can do about that so how is resident Boden going t enforce some rule that will be coming out of the Department of Labor (OSHA specifically) in the next few weeks? In a lot of cases, maybe most, we’re not talking about firing day laborers, but experienced, talented, people in business and technical fields. The threat of being fired might convince some, but others t won’t. there are millions that no matter what, will not comply.

Of course the government won’t answer the question about the estimated 1.3 million illegals they’ve allowed to cross the border (that we know of) from heavily COVID positive countries that then the government will allow to go anywhere in the country they desire, no covid vaccination required.What’s that doing for their statistics in various states? No, that’s not a distraction but a real concwern, especially where I live, near the border with Mexico. Of course we’ve seen a rise in cases! Imagine living in an area along the Teas, New Mexico, Arizona border where more than 40 thousand enter per week.

Now the same government that is threatening people’s livelihood is going to require not just the forst two shots, but possibly a third (booster)? Will there be a fourth, fifth, on and on in a never ending cycle of inoculations or will we at some point, allow natural immunity to take hold? That;s right, right now there’s a large number of people in this country that without having been vaccinated are immune to COVID because they’ve already had it in an asymptomatic or mild form or are just immune, period. Tat’s not good enough for the one size, fits all government. You must be able to show your vaccination status no matter what.

I’ve seen some talking heads on some channels (the usual suspects) actually saying that Biden did not go fr enough. He should be restricting travel by air, train, and bus. These are doctors by the way. Or at least they claim to be. Is that the next thing where government restricts interstate travel to those that have been vaccinated do they really want to see a civil war because most of those I know that argue that everyone needs to be vaccinated, and are even supportive of the employer mandate, are against that level of government interference in our lives.

these are awful times we’re going through but does that mean that government, any government around the world, has to become the very thing they’ve fought against in the past? Good luck to you Australia, New Zealand, and France amongst several others. Hopefully the U.S. will not be joining your ranks.

2 thoughts on “Bullying Won’t Win You Friends. Or Compliance.

  1. Don’t forget Canada. The virus has freed politicians in two of the world’s most liberal democracies, Australia and Canada, from upholding the tiresome liberties that have clearly been holding them back all these years, and they have allowed their latent fascist to emerge for all to see. Voters in Australia and Canada know now beyond any doubt that the people they have been electing and re-electing all these years cannot be trusted to keep them free.
    The question is what are they going to do about it?


    • What’s really interesting is that even though we’re net door neighbors, I know a lot more about what’s happening 10K miles away in Australia, than I do with my friends in Canada.


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