Are We Living a Preventable Tragedy?

I started this a while ago so some of the info contained herein is a little dated but I think the post is worth a read.

So, for the sake. of the children, would someone just stand up and tell the public the unvarnished truth about COVID and the vaccines that are supposed to ameliorate the virus’ effects? How hard can it be to come up with a single statement that may be utilized by federal, state, and local government. Heck, even if it’s a lie, at least everyone saying the same thing, all the time. We have now-infamous Dr. Fauci either clueless or outright lying on the history of vaccines (on CNN of course). How about that our Vice President checked into he hospital after meeting with those Texas democrats that had fled their state and had contracted COVID? Hasn’t she been vaccinated? What level of confidence does that give the public?

These are not cherry-picked articles, these are just examples of many that all of us see on a daily basis. Remember how we were told that the delta variant of COVID was less dangerous than the original? Well, maybe not so much. What are we to believe. More so, who are we to believe? People are virus/lockdown/lying exhausted. I doubt there are many that believe anything th comes out of Washington anymore. Not that these same people had a high level of confidence with he public anyway. In one of the most lockdown crazy states, Michigan, the legislature removed the crazy governors emergency powers and with a veto-proof majority.

We’ve been told, since day one of this event, to trust the science. Some days, however, it seems that no one knows what the science itself is saying. It’s either that or we have as lot of really dumb scientists that are unable to look at data and formulate a hypothesis as to what the data are telling them. Then there seems to be those that have some sort of agenda. What it is , isn’t precisely known, but it has nothing to do with transparency.

The situation of trust is so bad that the White House recently admitted it is in contact with Facebook about COVID misinformation being posted. Jeh Psaki admitted this from behind her lectern in the press room recently. So now the government gets to decide what is and is not misinformation all the while flip-flopping daily if not hourly itself. Remember the definition of fascism? Well it’s when corporations and government collude to restrict the rights of citizens. That seems be exactly what is going on and that they have no shame, no deference to the Constitution and announce their constitutional violation on live TV is noting more than horrendous. What’s worse is that the media seem to not care a great deal. Guess who’s next, you useful idiots?

What is the average person to do? I would tell everyone to consult with your doctor before receiving any of the vaccines simply because you may have an underlying condition that the vaccine would exacerbate. Beyond that, the vaccines have been fairly successful. The reason more people are not out there being vaccinated is because of all of the mixed messages from the government. That’s right, not from some anti-vax group, but from the government. The government halted the Johnson and Johnson (single inoculation) vaccine because of 6 bad outcomes out of, wait on it, 6 million vaccines given. When we hear different information as to the efficacy of the vaccine, well, that, too, makes some unwilling to participate.

Think about it, there’s already a couple of companies in front of the FDA looking to get a COVID booster inoculation approved. So a person that goes through the double vaccination protocol, are looking at receiving a third shot. What does that say about the efficacy of the original vaccines? Not a lot. Here’s the question: Are we all better off receiving the vaccine than not? I think so but as the government continues to talk, the less people feel comfortable which means we will never get to 70-80% level of vaccination which was originally expected because, well, Americans are good at following instructions from their government. What our government forgot is that this is not the administration of FDR during World War II. We’re able to view information outside the government’s purview.

Comply. that seems to be the order of the day but in any other outbreak, like infliuenza whichwe have yearly. People are not required to get the annual flu vaccine. Of course everyone is encouraged but there has never been a politicization of a disease like this one. Not in my lifetime anyway. Forget about your pinion though. Those that know better will determine the outcome of your life. At least for another year.Already those that want to make you fear any positive outcome of your life are producing political advertisements telling all of us that they are looking out for us.

3 thoughts on “Are We Living a Preventable Tragedy?

  1. I think that many people conflate misinformation with evolving science. We are dealing with a virus in real time. There is no bulletproof talking point that can be relied upon 100% from the day it leaves someone’s mouth (say February 2020) in perpetuity. This is not a new situation. Science has always been criticized for changing, but that’s what science is. We develop more accurate and complete explanations of the natural world over time. I see how this can be viewed as misinformation when looking back, but I accept the gray areas of life as reality. It would be nice to simplify everything to black and white, but that’s not possible. Something I try to keep in mind is “nuance”. Topics often cannot be boiled down to zeros and ones. When one tries, in some cases, it can lead to strawmanning and other logical fallacies that create a faulty view of reality. This mandate is a good example. I feel that a strong initiative needs to be taken to combat misinformation, but the mandate is an overstep. There are absolutely people who should question whether a vaccine is right for them based on their medical (scientific) circumstances. But there are far too many people that refuse a vaccine for bad reasons which is why we’ve gotten to where we are today. There are what I would call traditional “anti-vaxxers” who are not likely to ever change their view, but unfortunately many have become “anti-Covid-vaxxers” primarily due to politics… and that’s a shame. To bring it full circle, as an example of conservative principle…on the issue of “rushed” approval, which is a popular talking point, I applaud the streamlined process as a welcomed example of governmental efficiency, not as a conspiracy. Full disclosure… I hate masks. If not required, I’d never wear one. I am flying tomorrow and I dread wearing a mask all day. Truthfully I’d be fine with a survival of the fittest experiment, but I realize that’s selfish and my freedoms don’t extend far enough to jeopardize those that are vulnerable. Masks aren’t to protect the wearer, they help limit risk for others.


    • What constitutes a “bad reason” for not being vaccinated? Seriously. Think about this in the way people consider the yearly dlu vaccine. Some get it, others don’t. I realize that COVID is much more deadly than influenza but we have no good data to show what constitutes a “COVID death” over, say, influenza because the government, at all levels, have corrupted the data to an extent that we’ll probably never know. Remember recently the number of nursing home deaths from COVID going up substantially because NY tried to cover them up? What else are we being lied to about? I would say this: If their lips are moving, they’re lying. Lots of good, very competent scientists (epidemiolists) son’t concur with much of anything the government says are “facts”. It’s easy to understand if you follow the science and not the policy.

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      • bad reasons would include: “I might become magnetized” “There’s a microchip in it” “A vaccine isn’t a 100% killer of the virus” “I could still get Covid so why bother”


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