Understand Before You Commit

I believe the best advice anyone may give to anyone else concerning being vaccinated aginst COVID is totalk toyour personal physician. That person will know your history andwill be able to tell you, as best they are able, that the vaccoine is safe, or nt safe, for you currently. That really is the best that may be done. This vaccine is so new that there really is no way to know how safe this is except to look to the FDA for any reported adverse reactions.

The real issue though in my mind ius how this vaccine has become politicized. No one is listening to the science and of course the governmebt (the President) is ineffectual in communicating any of this to the American people. Recall it was Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, when asked if they would take the vaccine if it came out before the election in 2020. Bot said they would not because they didn’t trust Trump. So now they are out in public threatening people’s livelihoods for not trusting a vaccine they both said wasn’t trustworthy.

Of course their messaging is so confused how could anyone that was even on the fence as to receiving the vaccination , believe they are comfortable in what they’ve been told. Seriously we have a president stating in public that he is going to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. What? Is he telling us that the vaccine is useless? Read that again and tell me. Of course, recieving the vaccine doesn;t currently offer anyone any protection, apparently, because the government still insists people wear masks, yes, even those supposedly protected against at least severe disease. And yes, that’s what they say: the vaccine won;t prevent anyone from contracting COVID, but the seriousness of the illness should be a lot less. The vaccine, of course, if a person does come down with COVID, will not prevent that person being able to transmit it to others. Finally, in a short period of time (6-8 months) the effictiveness wanes, therefore the push to get a booster in the near future. How long after that until a fourth, figth, etc. are needed?

I’m not attempting to influence anyone ine way or the other about the COVID vaccination other than to ask each person to become as informed about it as possible, I’m not anti-vax and never have been but this ”vaccination” is unlike what we have known in the past. Go ahead and do that research so that you may be fully informed as to how this works compared to any traditional vaccine (like inflluenza).

We will either get pastCOVID or have to learn to live with it, like influenza. I hope we are actually able at some point in the near future, to rid ourselves of this scourge. Will everyone being vaccinated hurry that along? ?unknown based on what we’re being told today. It surely couldn’t hurt though, could it?

4 thoughts on “Understand Before You Commit

  1. Do you feel that messaging was better under the Trump administration? You’ve referenced this elsewhere…”Seriously we have a president stating in public that he is going to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated.” Admittedly I didn’t watch this speech, but this certainly could be a misleading statement by Joe. The unvaccinated don’t necessarily directly impact the vaccinated in a direct “one on one” interaction. The impact lies in providing the virus a more ideal “breeding ground” to linger, spread and evolve…which can ultimately affect the vaccinated if the virus is given time to adapt to a degree that exceeds the ability of a given vaccine to combat it. Broader vaccination hinders the voracity of the virus – both in ability to maximally spread and evolve – potentially to a “worse” variant or one that is less affected by the current vaccines. Perhaps that’s what Joe meant. Ultimately I agree with you… your doctor is the best source of information along with direct review of the science. We should not rely on the media or politicians to provide accurate information on much of anything.


      • It did play. I agree with her in principle. A pandemic (public health) outweighs personal freedom in this instance, and in general. I believe strongly in personal freedom, but also personal responsibility. This is an instance where I feel we need to accept some risk for the good of the group. If there was good reason to believe that this vaccine, or vaccines in general, were a danger to the general public, I would feel differently. There should be an exemption for certain circumstances as determined by one’s doctor and if you’ve had Covid whether you have antibodies or not. Kind of just because I guess. I feel that if people followed the guidance of their chosen doctor rather than be clouded by the fear that is cultivated by politicians and the media, then enough people would get vaccinated of their own volition such that we would see a reduction in the virus’ spread and evolution to the point where we might see positive signs of this virus being nullified or at least minimized to a point where we accept the risk of it like we do with the common cold, flu, chicken pox etc. It’ll still be dangerous, but not as prominent a risk and we can move on with our lives.


      • The problem is that doctors themselves are questioning the efficacy of this vaccine. When you have health care workers across the country refusing to take the injection…teachers as well (large protest in NYC today) then there might be a problem. The pther part is the government exempting” certain groups gtom the mandate. What good does it do yo exempt nearly 700k postal workers. Also, theFederal government workers union is looking at suing. Will they, too (4 million) become exempt as well? Which
        friends of Joe” are next? Hoe about the AFL-CIO They’re discussing a suit as well.


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