Understand Before You Commit

I believe the best advice anyone may give to anyone else concerning being vaccinated aginst COVID is totalk toyour personal physician. That person will know your history andwill be able to tell you, as best they are able, that the vaccoine is safe, or nt safe, for you currently. That really is the best that may be done. This vaccine is so new that there really is no way to know how safe this is except to look to the FDA for any reported adverse reactions.

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Are We Living a Preventable Tragedy?

I started this a while ago so some of the info contained herein is a little dated but I think the post is worth a read.

So, for the sake. of the children, would someone just stand up and tell the public the unvarnished truth about COVID and the vaccines that are supposed to ameliorate the virus’ effects? How hard can it be to come up with a single statement that may be utilized by federal, state, and local government. Heck, even if it’s a lie, at least everyone saying the same thing, all the time. We have now-infamous Dr. Fauci either clueless or outright lying on the history of vaccines (on CNN of course). How about that our Vice President checked into he hospital after meeting with those Texas democrats that had fled their state and had contracted COVID? Hasn’t she been vaccinated? What level of confidence does that give the public?

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