Will Business be Able to Exercise ”The Mandate”?

Show me your papers!

So what does it mean if Joe Biden implements rules for companies with over 100 employees that these businesses must verify that their employee’s are fully vaccinated or regularly (weekly) test negative for COVID? Think about this for a moment. Does the company have to have someone, like a greeter at Walmart check each employee’s status daily? If someone refuses to take the vaccin, is the company responsible for performing the testing? The employee? How much will that cost and at that point, is it easier for the employee to finsd work at a business with 90 employees?

Of course, nothing is settled yet. In fact, a federal judge is already blocking forced vaccinations in New York . “Medical personnel”. Yes, you read that correctly. I’m no conspiracist but someone please explain to me what they know that I don’t? Still, it appears to some that implementing a labor rule that is only imagined now will be untenable for most businesses to the point where it would be easier to let employees go than have to pick up the costs for testing or anything else the government might come up with at any time.

Be aware that what rule is written will be broad enough for the government to expand requirements as they deem. Again, how do businesses enforce what will become booster palooza ensuring everyone is up to date?

No one in government, of course, has thought this through because none of those proposing this mandate has ever run a business, or if they have, had someone else that took care to make sure government regulations were followed exactly. Yes, these businesses are concerned how this will affect them in hiring and retaining employees where currently there are almost 11million vacant jobs that no one wants, due to government interference (extended unemployment benefits, now expired) in the job market.

Of course, if there are more cases of judges blocking forced vaccinations, the whole idea of this mandate will be moot. I thought from the outset it was just an attempt to change the conversation from Biden’s failure in Afghanistan, which , even with help from the media, it’s fails to do. Now we have the General Milley story, which is another attempt to change the media conversation but there are people now saying that Milley himself leaked that information in an attempt to make himself look good to his friends on the left.If true, that backfired magnificently, didn’t it? It forced Biden to come out and express his ”confidence” in Milley which usually portends an exit which will also mean that the disaster in Afghanistan will be blamed on Milley as well. At that point, because of there being so much aversion to a vaccine mandate, watch that disappear as well with some sort of excuse about a few district courts. If they (Biden administration) believe the mandate is legal, they will fight it all the way to SCOUS.

Then there’s the Nicki Minaj hullabaloo over being vaccinated. She only has 22 million followers on Twitter. Do you think she may be classified as an ”influencer”? Just that its become a major story on cable news is enough to make anyone stop and think for a moment.

I don’t see us coming out of this ”pandemic” until next summer/early fall and the only reason the government will announce victory are the upcoming elections. Until then, we’ll all have to bear the weight of government ignorance and stupidity.

4 thoughts on “Will Business be Able to Exercise ”The Mandate”?

  1. I work for a large company. Recently we were required to report vaccination status (electronically). THis was done to collect data and make decisions about protocol. For example, awhile ago we relaxed Covid protocols (no more masks!). Unfortunately then the latest spike hit so the masks are back on whether vaccinated or not. Theoretically if/once vaccination rates hit a certain level we’ll be able to get rid of masks again. There is concern about the mandate and if/how the company would proceed. We have enough infrastructure to make reporting one’s status (a pic of vaccination card submitted electronically) easy enough. I don’t see this happening. There are enough lawsuits already to make the mandate unlikely to proceed. Additionally a good source at my company said there wouldn’t be a push for a requirement unless/until OSHA rules on it.


    • Unfortunately it’s OSHA that will write the rule. A problem for a company. like yours will being able to tell a valid vaccination status from a fake one (with just a photo). I’ve already read about “fake” vaccine “passports” being created.


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