The FDA Votes to Block the Virus Booster

The FDA voted a while ago against issuing a booster vaccination for everyone (16 years and above is what I heard). That has to be a huge defeat – another one – for Biden because his policies were framed on everyone receiving a booster, starting next Monday. Of course a while later they did vote in favor of those 65 and older receiving a booster but what foes this mean, overall for Biden’s threat to mandate vaccinations?

No one knows but this is huge defeat for Biden along with the admission today from the DoD that yes, they indeed kill innocent civilians, only, with the drone strike on August 29. These people cannot get anything right and the problem as I’ve stated before with the virus, and yes it happened under Trump as well, is a lack of coherent communication. Mixed messages, messaging that contradicts statements made just hours before if not within the same message. This is the administration of morons. I’m sorry if that offended morons.It probably did but I cannot think of anything else to say other than this administration is a complete, utter, failure at any and everything no matter if its domestic policy(tax hikes, and ”human infrastructure” bill which is very unpopular, but Biden keeps seinging, even after 3 strikes,) or foreign policy (Afghanistan nowFrance, who’ve recalled their ambassador today because the u.S. sctrewed them out of a 90 billion dollar submarine deal with Australia.

The media thought that these people hated Trump but loved Biden? The British Parliament condemned Biden for his rash exist from Afghanistan as well as the otherNATO members,. No, they don;t love them some Joe. I can almost guarantee that before Biden leaves office, none of our allies will be paying attention to anything he says. I recently read a story where 1 in 10 Biden voters now regret their vote. That’s huge. But when you vote for a moron, don;t be surprised when a moron shows up.

The Democrats will probably be out of power after the elections next year but I don’t see that boding much based on the history of Republicans in charge. they had 2 years to do big things after Trump as elected and the only bill they passed was the taz relief bill. Huge, but one bill in 2 years? they are do nothings and are similar to the Democrats as being part of the swamp and dont care much more than theDemocrats how our money is spent unless the idea is theirs.

So another day, another Biden failure. Who knew?

UPDATE: Everyone should watch this short video and share it as widely as possible.

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