You Might be a Domestic Terrorist if…

you’re a parent. And you attend meetings of your local school board. At least that’a what the National School Boards Association would like people to believe – especially the Federal Government. You see, going to a school board meeting and disagreeing with policies they intend to implement is not allowed. As a parent, concerned about your children’s education, you have no say in what or how education is delivered.

Unless you’ve been unconcious the last week, you’ve heard about the Department of Justice memo outlining wht is believed to be a warning to parents that attend their local school board meetings. This, from a request by the NSBA for the DOJ to investigate threats of violence towards members of various school boards around the country. Have there been any threats? Well, none that they can show other than statements like, ”I’m gonna get you” which could mean anything from voting the member out to yes, something that might be perceived by someone as a threat of violence. But let me say that if my neighbor came up to me and made a similar statement to me, the police would not call that an actual threat of physical violence.

The NSBA has also addressed people coming together outside of members homes, protesting. Not that there are any acts of violence, just noisy protestors. But to the NSBA, these are acts of violence against their members and the Federal Government needs to intervene to prevent verbal attacks becoming physical. Other than that these are elected officials, how is it that the Justice Department, speciofically the FBI need to be involved? If course it fits if it’s decided that you, the parent, indeed could be a domestic terrorist.

Parents are visibly upset that their local school board will not listen to anything they have to say about what their children are being taught (CRT, anyone? 1619 project?) and want those officials, elected by them, to address their concerns which it seems in many cases, the school board refuses. Of course, it’s up to those same parents, at the next election to remove those members that believe they are better equipped to shape your child’s future than toy, the parent.

To put a finer point, Terry McAuliffe, a democrat running for governor in Virginia recently said this in a debate with his republican opponent:

“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach,” McAuliffe, who previously served as governor of Virginia from 2014 to 2018, said during the debate in Alexandria, Virginia.

That caught a lot of people’s attention because finally, someone had said out loud what many parents have been thinking for a while now. In other words, Just continue to pay your taxes and we’ll determine what your children will be learning how your children will be indoctrinated.

I’ve said for years that voters should pay more attention to local elections than Federal ones. Why? Local elections are closer to the voter and can have a greater impact than laws passed in far-away Washington D.C. These interventions with local school boards make this argument true. It should be the same as well for the city council and mayor, county supervisors, all the way up to the state legislature. Some people used to just smile when I mentioned this as if I were some sort of idiot. Now? Not so much as they are seeing directly what happens when they ignore a huge chunk of government that has vast control over their daily lives.

I think there may be some in the DOJ that regret this memo from the Attorney General because first, it weaponized government against average citizens and then accused these same citizens of being something (domestic terrorists) that there has been, to date, np proof of existence. Beware of public disagreement with any elected officials, is what we’re being told, as it may begin a criminal investigation into your life.

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