COVID Truth versus Propaganda

Sometimes when I hear something on yelevioin or the radio, because I’m usually not paying close attention, I sit back and say, What is it that was just said? There have been times when I thought someone said one thing when in fact, tht person made no such comment. That happens and maybe if I paid more attention I wouldn’t get things wrong on occasion. But when I hear ir once, then almost immediately repeated, I know I didn’t hear what was said incorrectly. Not having every fact at hand, I looked up the statement to see if it was true, I thought though if it were, why was this the first time I had heard of this?

I had just come in and flicked on the television when I heard what turned out to be a doctor say that ”50,000 children have died from COVID”/ I didn’t hear all of the context, but I made an intial assumtion he was referring to the U.S. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s been a huge propaganda campaign going on to have people have their juds (12 and up for now) vaccinated. So hearing that many had died from COVID, heck even if it were worldwide, would be a big story wouldn;t it? I fif some quick research. Thank goodness for the Internet, right? Not that we can depend on everything we see on the net, but if we choose carefully, look unbiased, we can usually find a glimmer of truth in a fog.

So, I found this that has shows there’s only been 499 deaths those in the 0-17 range so far. Of course if you look at this number, it may show higher as I believe it is constantly updated. so I also looked at those in the age range thsat had been hospitalized. Remember hearing that hospitalizations for those under 17 were ”3 times higher” than had been reported over the last year, Really? Let’s see some facts around that number as well. Here’s another graph showing the number of hospitalizations. Touching the graph at any point will bring up the numbers, by age, for that specific point in time. Now, for me, any number of children are too many. But, as we’ve been told, young ones are less likely to be affected by COVID than the general population. If we look at some 50 million under 18, the numbers in this graph prove that to be true.

It’s not that your child will never, or can never be infected by covid, but the numbers show that their risj is magnitudes lower for any adverse outcome.

Before beliving what some talking head on television is saying, look it up. It’s possible that the person I heard earlier just misspoke. But twice? No, we’ll see a lot more propaganda in the near future.

4 thoughts on “COVID Truth versus Propaganda

  1. Two studies conducted in California found that hospitalization rates for children were grossly over-counted, primarily because a child admitted for any reason, and who tested positive for antibodies, was recorded.

    Even the mendacious Rochelle Walensky has admitted that, for every one million vaccinations of children, only fifty ICU admissions and one death would be prevented. That’s far less than the number of serious adverse effects and deaths from the vax.

    The push to vaccinate every single healthy young person defies all logic, reason, and scientific evidence. It has become a quasi-religious mania.


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    • The same is done with adults. Go into the hospital for anything and of course one of the things they check you for is COVID. If you’re diagnosed with it, then you are on the list of hospitalizations for COVID. O read that this could be as much as 25% of that number.

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  2. We are living in a time of massive lies and disinformation for the sole purposes of confusing and controlling us. This is a time when learning to think for yourselves with responsibility is extremely important. Be brave enough to think for yourself and accept the consequences, for future generations depend on this for their freedoms, but teach them never to follow propaganda.

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  3. You see that child in your picture. For her and other kids, I could never take a vaccine for propaganda’s sake. For them, I have to speak honestly, and tell them how the cat swallowed the canary. This is all bs and propaganda.

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