Nope, As Much As Some Want, COVID Has Not Killed Us All Yet.

I know. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about anything. Months. Lots of things have been going on for everyone and of course one of the topics that people are still concerned about (although it’s dropped in polling) is spread of COVID. We’re all, or mostly all aware that the latest variant, Omicron, is the active variant as I write this and it appears that even though it is highly contagious, doesn’t appear to be as deadly as the last variant, Delta, or the original virus from 2020.

The mantra, from, the government, even at the state level where I live, is ”get vaccinated”. Okay we get the message but more and more people are questioning why. Well, we’re told, it will save your life. But id people don’t want the vaccine, don’ttrust it for whatever reason, should those people be forced to have something injected into the body, or maybe their child’s body, that is actually an unknown long term?

Government has threatened people with losing their livelihoods for not being vaccinated. Local government have gone so far as to demonize those in their communities that are unvaccinated, restricting restaurant’s , bars, any place where people gather. No vax ID, no entrance. Remember last fall when some in the government were eschewing people attending live sporting events (mainly college football) because these would become super-spreader events. Of course that didn’t happen, millions haven’t died since September for attending open-air sporting events. Of course, we knew in June of 2020 that this was one more red herring the government has uaes to attempt to keep people afraid of dying from a virus with a 99.5% overall survival rate.

Before I go too far into this, and people begin calling me an anti-vaxxer, I’m not. But the number of Americans that have not been vaccinated is not small. According to the CDC, 40% of Americans are not vaccinated. That’s right, 40%. If you use 230 million as the current population of the U.S (many do, some use 240 million) that’s 112 million people in the country that are unvaccinated. And, by the way, with the government ,moving the goalposts , that number is likely higher? Why? If you do not have the booster, you are now considered to not be ”fully vaccinated” and I’ve heard the government use the terminology, unvaccinated. That’s right. You may have had the original 2 Innoculations from the Pfizer vaccine, but no booster shot means you’re unvaccinated. Again. And it appears that the booster itself is not efficacious long term meaning that people will need a fourth booster, and maybe more after that. Every six months another booster.

People I know are pandemic-weary. It’s not that initially they weren’t cautious and called for others to behave responsibly (masks, distancing, etc.), it’s that after all of that, nothing has changed. Millions are not dying and if you read as I do, there’s an argument as to how accurate the numbner of deaths from COVID is, meaning, there’s a difference dying with COVID and not of COVID. Here’s the difference. some people died that had a co-morbidity but also had COVID at the time. So did they die of (say) heart disease, or cancer with COVID maybe (maybe) being a contributing factor, of did the die of COVID, meaning that COVID was the direct cause of death? The estimates are all over the place but some have seemed to settle on a number that is as high as 30% of deaths, in the U.S., attributed to COVID are in fact, not due to COVID.

Why all the questions? Why all the doubt? It’s because a lack of transparency from government sources. Go anywhere, ask any ten random people if they trust the information from the government about COVID. I’ve done this twice and in both instances, 7 of 10 did not trust the government. I was astounded and that’s why I did the experiment a second time. Same result. If people don’t trust what they’re bneing told, of course they’re going to be hesitant to take any instruction., like getting vaccinated.

The people that scare me the most though are the holier than thou vaccinated people that will, having no facts other than those the voices in their heads are giving them, verbally, and in some cases, physically attack those that refuse to be vaccinated. I actually know a couple of the people and yes, they’re become completely deranged and make to sense in their ”reasoned” argument for getting vaccinated because every argument they have used, the government has either changed it’s view, updated the information, or actually just moved the goalposts one more time trying to get people to chase the ball when actually there is no ball to chase( how’s that for mixing metaphors?). So I’ve learned to ignore those people for the most part.

Give them enough time, they’ll die from a stroke. Their last wish however will be to have ”Died from COVID” on the headstone. In a way that will be the truth in that they died from COVID phobia.

2 thoughts on “Nope, As Much As Some Want, COVID Has Not Killed Us All Yet.

  1. The symptoms of the latest convenient variant are those of the common cold. Politicians who favour any restriction on our freedom at this point have been bought or blackmailed. There is no other reasonable explanation.
    What I fear most is when the masses wake up and realize they’ve been lied to about a virus that posed no more threat than a bad flu. And we’re then coerced into having an mRNA vaccine with no long term data, and without informed consent.


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