No Time For Nonsense

I began blogging again because a couple of friends had recently asked me why I had stopped. Well, to be honest, I was beginning to become bored with oit and it became more of a task than an enjoyment as ut was when I started, years ago. I did miss it. Sure I had a lot to say, not so much on Atheism or Skepticism anymore because no one really cares., which when I think about it is a good thing to happen. I never claimed to evangelize for Atheism and if anything, it mostly annoyed me the lack of skepticism there was among educated adults,

The Pandemic saved me for a while but even then,after a while it became a struggle to write anything because if the information didn’t come from the government or one of their trusted sources, it was laveled misinformation, This from the experts of disinformation. I realized we were being fed a load when back in 2020, over a thousand epidemiologists and virologists signed a letter concerning all of the rioting, looting, and murder in the name of George Floyd. What they said was that, while it wasn’t okay to have a barbecue in your backyard with some friends, it was okay for thousands of people to run riot down the streets, unmasked, not distanced because, as they were able to somehow to determine, the virus wouldn’t dare infect any of those out for social justice. Talk about intelligent design!

What really amazed me was how many people kept believing whatever the government said (any government, choose one) even though they had already defined themselves as fools and expected the rest of us to obey their edicts no matter how stupid they seemed or even the fact the those that force implemented mandates on the population, forgot that they too were part of the population and conveniently forgot they were supposed to follow the rules as well. Even today, those “skeptics” have become the enablers for the fraudsters in and out of government, So, I became disgusted with the enterprise of putting down my thoughts because it seemed no matter what the evidence, there would be people that would believe whatever they were told. It continues even now but for some reason, I am bolstered by the fact that more people are becoming as I was and are taking action as well. We can’t believe what the media tells us because they don’t report what is actually going on. Like aht’s vyrrently happening in Canada. It’s in Europe as well, almost daily, thousands of people protesting government edicts based on the non-pandemic.

What I think we can say today is that those people haranguing people about becoming vaccinated or they’re doomed can be called out for spreading , what was that again? Oh yeah, misinformation. So I thought I’d write a few pieces and see what kind of feedback, if any, I would receive. So far, so good bur I was hoping for one of those government infected harpies to chime in at some point. It’s still early days.

One thought on “No Time For Nonsense

  1. I have fell the same way. I try to write, but it seems pointless and that no one is listening. Everyone just wants to talk. I am a nonbeliever in the supernatural, so I am strongly against the fraudulent practice of religions. The monotheists are dangerous because they want God/Allah to rule the world through them. My question for the faithful these days is, “Where is heaven?” Since (I am positive) there is no “real” heaven, all immaterial entities exist only in human imagination.
    It is tough these days, and as you said, when you can’t trust the news makers, it is not a pleasant world. Uncertainty is not healthy. Stay safe. GROG


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