Reject Made Up Facts? You’re A Racist.

Anyone paying attention to what is currently going on in Canada? Late last week I read somewhere online that there were some 50 thousand truckers headed to Ottawa, to parliament, to protest the lockdowns and mandates by the government for truckers in particular. No jab? No job, is what they’ve basically been told and even though these are independent operators (for the most part), it affects trucking throughout Canada and yes, the United States as well (cross border traffic).

Of course, the naysayers from both sides of the border were first out of the gate with some even referring to what appeared to be a peaceful protest, to an ”insurrection”. Seems that the left in Canada is taking its que from the left ists in the U.S. As far as I know, and I’ve been trying to keep up with the stories even though they are few, is that this, like the ”insurrection” in Washington D.C. a year ago, is weaponless. Of course it will be painted as a threat to Canadian democracy, just like D.C. was.

These are just people that want to work without being forced to subject to a vaccine they have no interest in receiving.Are there advantages to becoming vaccinated? Sure, like the influenza vaccine, there’s less chance of the virus developing into serious disease incurring hospitalization or death. But it doesn’t prevent anyone from contracting the virus nor does it prevent the spread of the virus, according to the CDC. So, if a person is willing to take that chance, especially with a virus that is 99.5% survivable overall, why force the government’s will on individuals.

As the Biden administration just discovered, via the Supreme Court, the government may not compel people under his mandate. Other countries should learn from this. Of course nothing stops the social media hecklers from diving right in, attempting to minimize any effect a protest will have. some have stated that ut’s not ”50 thousand” but just maybe a hundred trucks or so. I defer though to this article which reports something different.

What’s funny for me is that Canada is right next door and we, in the U.S. hear little about what is going on with our neighbor. In fact, if it weren’t for a very short report on Fox News, I’d probably not have heard of this event at all. I live close to thesouthern border and can say the same thing about the goings-on in Mexico: No idea.

Now the naysayers (Canadians, mostly, it appears) are changing the narrative calling these working class people, ”racists”. Really. If you can’t convince someone with made up facts, revert to using the race card to define those you disagree with because, as we all know, that’s helpful.

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