Canada Shows Us What ”Peaceful Protest” Means

This protest in Canada has a lot of us down south, in the U.S. talking. To us, Canada is this qiet, polite society that never seems to become too aggravated over anything in particylar and is even handed in their treatment of every issue that does arise from time to time. That’s not to say Canadians are weak or pushovers, maybe their a lot less reactive than we, their cousins to the south and just possibly, we may learn something from another society.

It’s really kind of amazing that more than a million people, some fifty-thousand trucks (or more) have shown up in Ottawa (the capitol) to demand that lockdowns and especially mandates due to the pandemic, end. Now. Specifically, these truckers do not want to have to take the jab to work as their government is demanding. And after crossing the border to the U.S? A time of quarantine before they may return to work. I just ask my friends here how our government would respond if a million people showed up to peacefully protest in Washington D.C. Oh wait! We already know don’t we and it was dar fewer than a million people.

Of course, the PM, Justin ”Blackface” Trudeau has fled the city, refusing any attempt at engaging his constituents in resolving this issue. I can’t believe that, a million people assembling outside of parliament cannit seem to get these people to lift the mandates, or at least meet with some pf the protestors and openly discuss their grievance with the goal of coming to some compromise. But no, as I write this, nothing seems to have been attempted as far as is known to try and end a standoff.

This is hurting the Canadian economy, for sure. I mean when you are not transporting goods, then little commerce is taking place,. Others are being at least temporarily laid off their jobs. What will happen if the government allows this to continue? Better, will the government allow this to continue without some sort of resolution being enacted? Do they have the means for mass arrests(probably not).

Of course, not all Canadians support the action witnessed and many hhave taken to social media, Twitter especially, to denigrate those that just want their freedom back. Think about the governments that have recently ended all pandemic related rules: England, Ireland, Denmakr, to nam e a few? The U.S.? It’s being done state by state with of course the Biden administration attempting to force a mandate on American workers, but luckily for us, our Supreme Court shot down their attempt to subvert the Constitution. There are a coupe of hashtags (#FluTrucksKlan, #FluTrucksKKK) being used to shame>? intimidate? The protestors? It doesn’t seem to be working and that appears to infuriate those that wish some sort of physical intervention. Of course the ”Klan” and ”KKK” reference must come from some video where we see a knucklehead unveiling a confederate flag. In Canada. How funny could that be? And so it begins, the as hominem attacks on the protestors because, as we all know, that’s the last refuge of scounftels who have no legitimate argument to make, and have no facts on their side. It doesn’t seem, from my viewpoint, that the bait has been taken, Good. Let the haters find another they can try to victimize.

I think what some here, south of the border, worry about is something similar happening here. Of course, there are many states that are open, but a few larger states, California and New York, for instance, still have some of what their own residents refer to as unreasonable rules and mandates. A protest of just these two states alone could further devastate the fragile economu, just barely recovering from the past two years. I’m not suggesting anything of the sort should happen, just some rumblings from some in the media,. For us, in the U.S., it’s exactly what we do not need now.

What the Canadian protest does show is the power of a free people to make necessary changes in the wat they are governed, without resulting to violence of any kind. Of course this only works if both sides in the disagreement desire resolution in good faith, So far, it doesn;t seem tht the Canadian PM wants anything but the status quo.

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