Putting the Shovel Down

By now I think that most people, that actually care, or at least have looked on the Internet or watched TV recently, have heard that Whoopi Goldberg, one of the hosts of ABC televisions long-time daytime talk show, The View, has been suspended for two weeks from the show for making horrific statements about the holocaust, then trying at least twice on national TV shows to clean up what she had said instead of just dropping the shovel and saying ”I’m sorry”.

What did she say that was horrific? Well you can watch a clip here. When someone makes a statement, or argues a position on a subject that is so sensitive to so many, that person should have an idea of what they are talking about. Clearly, Ms. Goldberg, did not have a clue as to what she was saying or how harmful her words were and that they would of course be taken as antisemitic.

I have never watched The View, but I have, over the years been subjected to video clips from this show that have made me cringe. I have thought of this show for what it is marketed as: a daytime talk show that is mainly marketed to women, discussing all sorts of topics that may be of interest to their audience. The show draws over two million viewers daily. Not bad for a mid-morning talk show. They seem to take on all sorts of topics from politics, social justice, even entertainment. Based on what I have heard about this show, Ms. Goldbergs recent statements were hardly the most stupid, uninformed things ever said on the show. They’re all clearly left-wing with the exception they’ve tried to keep a “conservative” as part of the regular panel which doesn’t seem to work out since that person just becomes a punching bag for the others.

When I heard today that ABC had suspended Whoopi for two weeks, I was surprised because it seems I only hear abut right-wing people being punched for in artful language and spewing what the left often calls ”misinformation”. What was more interesting was there were some media outlets (CNN and MSNBC specifically) that were standing up for her, making any and all excuse that she should not have been suspended and how ”awful” this whole cancel culture is and has been. I couldn’t believe it and yet I should not be surprised. The left wing media taking the sideof a left wing talk show host. Plus, the idea that cancel culture was ruing society.

But I had a wait a moment, moment. Didn’t these same people (MSNBC’s ”Morning Joe” show, CNN’s morning show) just a few days ago call for the censoring of Joe Rogan because he happened to have some eminent doctors/researchers on his show that had issues with the government narrative about COVID? Yes, they did. Do any of these people remember what they said on live TV to their audience just days before? Well, it probably doesn’t matter since neither channel has much of an audience and what’s left probably doesn’t recall either.

I’m agains cancel culture no matter where it comes from: left or right. We’ve all said stupid things one time or another and if we were all cancelled from, say, social media for some past indiscretion, social media wouldn’t exist because we would have cancelled every person on the planet.We’ll never get there just as we used to have friends meet at the local bar and gossip and the guy(s) that weren’t there (or the women that didn’t show for ”girls night out” in past days), it’s now all over social media. You don’t ever get to know who it is that’s attacking you, and you don’t have a real chance to defend yourself.

People that want to hear what Whoopi or Joe have to say? Go for it because they have the freedom, or should, to say what they believe. That Spotify is going to label certain episodes of Rogans show, I believe is unconscionable . Maybe ABC should have to place a disclaimer on every episode of The View that says something like this:

”These women, and their guests, are clueless as to any topic they may be discussing. ABC and the producers of ”the View” do not necessarily agree with anything that has been said.”

Of course nothing of the like will happen and Rogan should not give into Spotify either. Oh! Just remembered, I thin Whoopi called for Rogan to be censored as well. What goes around…

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