“The Science is Settled” 🤠

Whenever I hear someone, especially someone claiming authority, that the science is settled on some question, I am know right then that it is not. whatever the subject is may be closed to any more thoughts or ideas, even theories in that persons ,mind, but that doesn’t mean that the subject is final in anyone else’s. There’s lots we don’t know from a scientific perspective, things about our own planet. While we’re awed with wonder about the exploration of outer space, we know almost nothing about that inner space, known as the deep oceans.

Remember how during the height of the pandemic the government, and some of their scientific minions outside of government, lied to people again and again about safety. As we now know today, they were making it up as they went along. All of that “six feet apart”, even the wearing of masks, was not based on any science whatsoever. In fact, if you remember, the government went back and forth for a while on whether masks, for instance, were of any use at all. they finally settled on yes, but again, based on what? Nothing. No science behind any decisions they made. Lockdowns? Rememver the story of beachgoers in California, that were alone, not near anyone else, being arrested, A person out paddle surfing, by himself, no one else in the water at all: arrested. Based on what science again?

Climate change is another one where the predictions of the fanatics have not become true at all and in fact, as time goes along, their lies become more and more apparent to the wider world. Polar bears are not dying off, we’ve not seen a huge increase in mega storm hurricanes, as was predicted after 2005 and Katrina. In fact, has there been a category five storm at all this year? How many last year or the year before? the polar ice cap? It’s expanding, Did it lose area? Yes, but uts now regaining it. What’s that due to? Whay not ask Al Gore. ?He’s made tens of millions jetting around the world in his private aircraft warning of impending disaster. We’re still here and according ro “An Inconvenient Truth” which eh won an Oscar for, we shouldn’t be by now, or at least we should be suffering the severe effects of climate change, when what we notice is nothing more than weather.

July, where I live was cooler than normal, should I expect that the climate worldwide is cooling? Is it that England is going through a heatwave recently prove that the earth is warning or that England is experiencing some abnormal weather for them? Is the science settled? Well, I might be persuaded if England, and the rest of western europe remain above 90 degrees Fahrenheit for the remainder of the year.

I won’t hold my breath in anticipation.

One thought on ““The Science is Settled” 🤠

  1. The average temperature of the planet is steadily rising, it is due to human activity, and it’s already having serious consequences. But the Left engaged in Chicken Little scare tactics. And their true purpose was not to save the planet, but to: 1) virtue-signal; 2) control how others lived their lives.


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