Maybe Being a Luddite Isn’t So Bad

Sometimes the Internet seems to be too much trouble to deal with on a daily, basis. Or at all, ever. It’s become so important to our lives though, in many ways, that it would be almost impossible, or at least very inconvenient, to be without it. There have been those days though when I think I may give it a try. But then, I’d give up a phone (VOIP) that I use as my primary voice connection to the outside world. Sure I have a cell phone, but I rarely use it.

In fact, I went without a cell phone for two years. Why pay for something I don’t use and at the time, I was paying $50 per month for nothing. So I cancelled it. A year ago though, I discovered there were some small independent phone vendors that were a lot cheaper and I began to look into them. I settled on one ehre I get 300 minutes per month, unlimited texting, no data (don’t need it) for $6 per month. Oh, and there’s no contract and I can change my plan on the fly. Now that’s great isn’t it?

I sat here the other day and went through the routine on my computer, email, of unsubscribing to a lot o email that I get on a normal basis. These are companies and some individuals I have never done business with, ever. That’s one of the frustrating things about the net is that your personal information becomes a revenue stream for those you do do business with,

My mistake for not keeping up. I had let it go for months and there were a lot of what I refer to as junk email messages I needed to unsubscribe to so I spent, well, maybe as much as two hours doing just that. I normally do it daily as I seem to get four or five a day in my email.From now on. I am going to try and do this daily as it is a real pain.

I still get a lot of junk email, but its from companies I know I do business with, like Walmart, or Amazon. I’m also pretty sure I can log into either and change my mail settings to not receive as much junk mail as I get. I ill probably do that in the near future. One thing I could use is a company that promises not to share my email address, for money. All of the big ones do it, and you’d think that those same companies would not need the money received by “renting” email addresses for single use, or for a period of time, to other companies.

One item I left out of the original of this post was something that caught my sttention recently: kids doing homework. My TV/Internet provider gives a discount for Internet service to those familes of lower income. I’m sure there is a cutoff, but I don’t know what it is and am not interested in looking since I’m certain I won’t fit the condition.Anyway,. they have a commercial about your kid not being able to do homework without the Internet. What? I know I’m old but the Internet didn’t exist when I graduated high school and we were all able to do homework when necessary.

I didn’t go to a one room schoolhouse, like my Dad did when he was growing up. My high school had 2,000 kids from Freshman (I don’t think we’re allowed to use that anymore) to Seniors. We had a decent graduation rate as I recall. There were over 400 graduates in my class. All without the Internet. So you’re addicted while in grade school today and don’t even realize it. You give up a lot for the privilege and are unaware of the sacrifice made over your life.

Even more of what you give up today, look at all the private information you have on line. Do you shop online? Credit/Debit card information is there to be had by those with no good intent. Your personal health information; prtty much everything about you, yes, even your tax and other financial records are liable to be stolen and so. it makes sense to not have the conveniences of things like auto-bill pay and online shopping to keep my banking information safe. But I, as millions have others, were roped into the convenience and at the toime never thought about the dire consequences.

Oh, those services that promise to. monitor your private information for a fee? By the time they notify you of a breach, it’s too late. Sure, they may assist you in repairing the damage, but as I found out with one friend recently, it wasn’t resolved overnight and in fact, took more than a year. In the meantime he was stuck in the ether of the Internet unable to navigate anywhere as he used to.

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