Just Another Day For a Lying Liar

President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act. Some $730 billion dollars of spending, mostly on green projects, some $80 billion on hiring 87,000 new IRS agents. How does this reduce inflation when all it loolks like is more spending on things, like “green” initiatives that no one wants. Hey lets sell the public a product that they have no interest in buying! That’ll show ‘em! Besides, according to Representative Ocasio-cortez, the world is going to end in about ten years. That means it’s too late, doesn’t it?

The Biden administration can’t help but lie though. Even when 230 notable economists came out and said that thi bill would not reduce inflation, but would cause an increase in the same. The White House shot back with their 100 economists that claimed that the bill would indeed reduce inflation. And everyone believed and suddenly a rainbow appeared in the sky and Obama spoke, “This is a BFD”. ?The world kept turning and the poor became poorer. The middle class shrunk, and the Friends of Biden became richer.

they lie. They lie all the time. To save Bidens election, remember when 51 members of various intelligence agencies signed a letter saying that the “Hunter Biden Laptop” was “Russian Disinformation”? Of course the Washington Post and the New York Times were onboard. The New York Post, as you recall, was prevented by those magnates of free speech, Twitter and Facebook, from publishing their stories on the laptop. Some Biden voters today say that knowing about that at the time, may have changed their decision to vote for Biden. They lie, they cheat, they’ll do anything to remain in power. Who am I talking about?

The cult of progressivism. This new itake on an old ideology is what’s destrying our country, bit by bit. It doesn’t happen overnight, it starts with the education of children. Becaise of the pandemic, regular moms and dads caught on, an started protesting at their school board meetings. And they still are. Good. What was the Biden governments response? They were going to classify dissenting parents as “domestic terrorists”. That went over well, didn’t it?

Of course, our president seems to go through life as if whatever he says needs to be carved in stone as if it were a commandment from heaven. He doesn’t realize that a majority of the country is laughing at him. no one seriously believes he’s actually in charge. Note all of the disasters he’d been in front of: has he fired anyone? I think about the debacle of the Afghanistan “withdrawal”. No general was fired, no civilians in the DoD lost their jobs either. It wasn’t poor planning, it was no planning.

I could go on and on here, but I think I’ll save more comments and disaster predictions for future posts.

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