Insults and Gaslighting

Is it ever okay to commit a violent act upon another person? I’m not referring to a person defending themselves if they are physically set up, but those people that for seeming little or no reason will attack another person hoping to cause physical harm. Would it be because that person was insulted or is it that maybe that person is psychotic and hears voices telling him/her to attack the next person they see?

There’s little that can be done immediately about the psychotic other than try and subdue them and call the police but what about the person that feels insulted by something said either to him or around him? Does that person have a right to physically attack the speaker? Are there no other alternatives? Well, how about just walking away, maybe laugh along – that sometimes dispels the insult and makes the speaker look foolish. Finally the insult can be ignored just like the speaker.

Too many times in my life I’ve watched two (or more) people come to blows over the most insignificant of reasons: an insult. It may be an insult to. anything but it’s only an insult and to quote the nursery. rhyme: Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never harm me. Because that’s all they are, words. When we allow someone’s words to drive us to physical violence what we’ve done is given power to words. Words that may be spoken by anyone, anytime.

Sometimes an insult may be unintentional, but that’s no excuse for violence either. I always chalk that up to ignorance, because I’m certain that if the person making the statement actually knew the back story, they would never have said what they did. But again and again we either know someone or hear a story about someone that “stood their ground” – against an insult.

We now see violence occur over political ideology. One party actually claims the other party is violent in it’s nature but it’s the party making the accusation that is responsible for a majority of the violence happening in this country. In other words, this one party is so desperate to hold onto power that they’re attempting to gaslight voters. They’re making insults hoping to provoke those “uneducated” voters*riff-raff to them) out there will cause a commotion that they can use to keep their power. So far, their. blatant attempts are futile. Hopefully, they’ll stay that way.

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