Air Travel Isn’t Worth the Hassle (Another Joe Biden Disaster)

I don’t subscribe, normally, to conspiracy theories, but does anyone out there think that the situation with air travel has been somehow contrived? Before the pandemic, it wasn’t unknown to have cancelled or delayed flights, but not to the extent we see since the pandemic. Airlines say they have had to cutback employees because of lack of travelers yet the data doesn’t indicate that at all. Besides, didn’t the taxpayers give the airlines billions to keep them alive and running during the pandemic? Well, yes, we did. Therefore, shouldn’t we expect them to schedule flights that can actually be flown, sans weather issues? Sure. BTW, Monday, the 22 August? 2266 flights cancelled since last Friday, more than 900 alone on the 22nd. Oh, and there were 24,600 flights delayed in the same period.

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