You’ve Lost the Confidence of The People You Serve

I am so over COVID, not just the virus itself, but the reporting of it and the lies and fabrications by the government. Just recently the head of the CDC said they were going to revamp how they respond. good for them but what the heck happened to the CDC? I mean their acronym stands for the Center for Disease Control. When did they become the a university that studies everything on the planet? Look at their webpages and see all the things their involved in (climate change? When was climate change a disease?) I saw the previous director (under Trump) on TV recently and described the CDC during his time like an academic institution.Yes, he was disparaging it but never said why he didn’t try to reform that institution back into what it was created to do.Right now, if another pandemic appeared, would the American people believe anything communicated by the government? My guess would be: No.

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