Tulsi, We Thought We Knew Ye

I have no idea, in specific what anyone believes and generally I don’t care unless someone’s belief starts interfering in my right to live my life as I please. I always find politicians especially interesting because many are aleays invoking “God” about something or other and most of those that dohave probably mpt darkened a chirch door in decades, unless it’s an election year of course. I have respect for some and in this case, it’s Tulsi Gabbard who I believe is one of the most honest of that crowd (although she’s no longer in Congress). Yes, me a conservative, enjoys listening to a liberal (progressive?), mostly on the topic of good governance but an array of subjects. Just a bit ago, she tweeted this:

Our freedom comes from God—not from any other person or govt. To recognize others as children of God is to appreciate that we belong to God—& no one else. No one has the right to take away the intrinsic freedom which God has given us.

Sounds like a right-winger to me there. I am just surprised because I had no idea she was religious at all. Maybe it’s all those appearances on Fox News. 🤠

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